September 22, 2023

Technological Advances and Their Influence on Commercial Plumbing

commercial plumbing contractors

commercial plumbing contractors

The technological advancements we have seen in recent years have completely changed the way we perform even the most mundane daily chores. You would think some areas of our lives would be more resilient to this digital flood but rest assured – the floodgates are down.

That brings us to the topic of commercial plumbing which doesn’t seem like it would benefit all that much from the latest-gen tech. Still, this industry is also undergoing a massive tech overhaul and no matter whether you are running a plumbing business or simply want to pick the best services, being in tune with these trends is absolutely critical.

That may not always be the simplest job in the world. But, let us nudge you in the right direction with these few selected picks.

The rise of touch-less features

The plumbing fixtures, appliances, and tools have, for years now, relied on good old tactile features. What do touchless features, then, bring to the table to mark such a massive rise in the popularity of this new generation of plumbing items? Well, convenience, ease of use, and simpler maintenance are the first things that cross the mind. 

Remember, more moving, mechanical parts lead to more wear and tear, and, in turn, more frequent malfunctions. Sensor-operated soap dispensers, faucets, and cistern systems effectively move this issue off the table and ensure simple and reliable performance.

Advanced water leak detection

This is usually accomplished by smart leak detection monitors that are installed at critical areas like the point where the plumbing network enters your house. These systems are capable of keeping an eye on the flow of the water flow and, if any abnormal readings are detected, notifying the owner about the issue. 

This can drastically cut the response times and prevent water damage costs that can blow up all the way to $5,600. If you are using smart fixtures, smart leak detection systems will even be able to automatically shut off your outlets giving you complete peace of mind in this regard.

Cutting-edge plumbing tools

We are talking about an entire slew of items like rotary hammers, impact drivers, self-leveling lasers, press tools, diagnostic tools, and countless others that are making giant steps forward in terms of efficiency ahead of their predecessors.  

Of course, advanced diagnostics, higher response times, and work efficiency have a tangible impact on the quality of plumbing services especially when we are talking about sensitive services like the repair of hot water systems. Since water tank malfunctions have an impact both on your water and energy efficiency they need to be approached with great care.

Smart toilets set up for success

As mundane as they might seem, toilets have, in recent years, passed a long way that would put even smart phones at unease. It all started with low-flush toilets that were designed to reduce water consumption and address one of humanity’s most burning issues. 

Well, people realized that this idea could be greatly improved by introducing smart IoT-powered features that are capable of optimizing consumption even further. In the future, toilets are expected to be able to analyze the waste, helping you monitor your health and become an integral part of your smart home system.

Greywater recycling for a greener future

No matter how well you optimize your water consumption there is some point where you can’t tighten your belt any further. That is when the water that could otherwise be used for drinking is wasted on laundry, flushing down the toilet, etc. So, it’s really no surprise that we see a surging popularity of greywater recycling systems. 

According to recent data published by the EPA, 50% to 80% of one family’s water consumption falls into the greywater category meaning it can be successfully reclaimed. The water preservation potential of these systems, therefore, is truly unprecedented.

Smart irrigation systems pick up steam

When talking about plumbing and water consumption, people tend to focus too narrowly on the water we use inside the house. However, our plumbing networks extend far beyond the house walls and include irrigation systems that, depending on the scale, can range from regular backyard irrigation to full-scale agricultural plumbing (especially in the case of small-scale farms). 

These systems are not excluded from the ongoing plumbing revolution and will take a more prominent place in commercial plumbing as well. This is good to know for SMBs looking for new market niches.

Well, we hope these couple of mentions gave you a better idea about the direction commercial plumbing will be moving in future years. And the direction is quite clear – expansion of services, expansion of efficiency, expansion of smart features, and expansion of this business sector as a whole. Keeping up with all these things will become admittedly harder, but the ones with one ear close to the ground – plumbing professionals or consumers – are in for a treat.