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At, we want to offer our audience high-quality, current and original content on various technology topics. We are always looking for freelancers and guest authors who can contribute to our content. If you have ideas, opinions and well-researched content that are valuable to our audience, feel free to write/advertise to us

What we publish

We publish content on a variety of topics, including:

Product Reviews
Internet of things
Big data
Smart Homes, Block Chain
Web application
Social media
Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry)
Small business
Cyber Security Growth Hacking, ML, DL
Digital Marketing, Ad Operations, Web services

Posting guidelines

We accept original, well researched and high quality content. After you submit your content for publication in Tekysinfo, our publishers review it to ensure that it complies with our publication guidelines. Important areas to consider when writing are:

Original content: All of your content must be original and free of plagiarism. We do not publish content published on other websites.
Grammar: Check your content for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting.
Number of words: We publish posts between 700 and 2,500 words. The number of words in a post is determined by the complexity of the topic.
Photos: Include high-resolution photos in your article to be published. We prefer JPEG, PNG and GIF photos.
Tone: The tone of the item can vary from a casual to a professional tone. Regardless of which tone you choose for your post, make sure that it stays consistent throughout the post. An informal tone is preferred for articles like the blog, and a formal tone for tutorials and technical articles.
Document format: We accept guest contributions in Microsoft Word document format or in Google documents.
Title, title and sub-headings: Add a fascinating title for your contribution. Divide the article into smaller sections with titles and subheadings.
Make sure your item complies with our guest posting guides above. Read the article carefully and send us a final sketch with the pictures. Include a biography of 40-50 short words when submitting the final project.

How to send your guest contribution
To send a contribution to tekysinfo, send an email to

Our editors will review the article to determine whether it is within our scope and whether it is relevant to the public. We will then send you feedback with in 48 hours of time.The external team will review the final draft and provide feedback for revisions. If this is approved, we will plan to publish your contribution.

Note: Tekysinfo reserves the right to adapt the article to our audience. We deliberately strive to ensure that articles published on our website are not reproduced by other authors.