December 2, 2023


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Testing the SACS9 Sony Subwoofer Speaker

Sony Subwoofer Speaker

Sony Subwoofer Speaker

Sony Subwoofer Speaker: While the Sony SACS9 doesn’t necessarily offer the best performance, it does come with a lot of great features. From great sound quality to a simple setup process. Although there is nothing particularly new in the exterior design. But its simplicity and compact size make it easy to integrate into our home theater system.

The Sony SACS9 is available at an affordable price. It offers excellent performance when watching movies or listening to any type of music. It also has a fairly wide frequency range and produces high-quality low frequencies. Sony Subwoofer Speaker


The 115W amplifier, combined with a frequency response of 28-200Hz and a cone driver diaphragm, provides powerful, crisp and clear bass with minimal resonance. Bass reflex design to reduce unwanted background noise. The result is much better sound reproduction. This way, you can hear deep sounds that seem quite sharp and deep. Although the subwoofer is not the most powerful subwoofer.

With the MRC (Mica Reinforced Cellular) subwoofer, you can expect much better sound quality with stronger bass. All forms of unwanted noise are further protected. This is because sound waves are absorbed while reducing vibrations in the housing. This results in a cleaner and quieter sound when using an active subwoofer.

Sony Subwoofer Speaker

The Sony SACS9 also has additional features that make the home theater subwoofer much easier to use. First, the adjustable crossover can be used to control low frequencies by changing the transmit frequency from 50 Hz to 200 Hz. It also has a phase switch and automatic power. save function. The subwoofer is in standby mode until an audio signal is detected. Of course, the device also has volume controls.

Entering the SASC9 The Sony SACS9 is much lighter in size and weight than the SVS SB-4000 (11.5kg) and also much more compact. This makes it easy to place in a room without taking up too much space. The Sony SACS9 also features traditional rear ports, which range from standard RCA inputs to speaker outputs. Makes installation easy and very easy to install with the supplied cable. Sony Subwoofer Speaker

at first glance, the subwoofer looks like a black box with a removable bevelled front grill. when the grille is removed, the dark blue diffuser cone will be visible. With rear panel inputs and outputs: RCA inputs, phase switch and power saving, rear port, volume and low pass filter.

The driver is made of woven fibrous material. Unlike the usual paper or fabric of other subwoofers, this way you won’t have to worry about wear or damage in any way. over time if damaged. Simply remove the regular foam grid. the subwoofer looks much better when the grille is removed: a beautiful, bright blue driver.

Standard black finish combined with wood veneer. It provides sound quality that is not degraded by changes in temperature or humidity. While it may not reproduce the deepest bass of any subwoofer, it does. And it’s not as nice as other subwoofers. With its affordable price, the Sony SACS9 is definitely worth the money. Works great when connected to a home theater system. But this is not the best option in terms of extracting deep bass. It cannot fill the entire area.

Other features of Sony SACS9

SACS9 sounds great. It produces a powerful, dynamic and refined sound. Listening to music and watching movies is also enjoyable. We recommend it especially for small and medium spaces. It delivers outstanding sound compared to similarly priced subwoofers. “Relatively good value for money” and by far the best subwoofer we can get at this price.

250mm active subwoofer for powerful bass The funnel membrane can move more air masses. It produces a deep resonant sound with high efficiency. The subwoofer’s cone-shaped mica amplifier has a rigid honeycomb design. It keeps its shape even at sound pressure and high speed. therefore, it delivers clear sound even at high volume levels

Sony subwoofers are manufactured using only premium components, and a high-efficiency transformer ensures a stable power supply. And with a solid circuit and a large radiator. Temperature changes in case of surges will not affect the operation of the device. Sony Subwoofer Speaker


when creating speakers and sound systems The most important thing is the perfect sound. So the first step is to preserve the acoustics of the room. Although we buy the best speakers and amplifiers. But if there is poor acoustics in the room, the sound will be reflected and interfere. Standing waves are created along bare walls, ceilings, windows and floors, reducing sound. due to excess bass, resonance, highlights and sound.

As a result, we cannot fully enjoy our favorite music and movies. Acoustic panels are the best solution to acoustic problems.

I tested the Sony subwoofer in a small room. The smaller the room, the more we are exposed to sound. The testing ground was a 15-square-meter room in the basement of a single-family house. The owner provided a molded sound absorber with wall acoustic elements and a 3D sound cone for optimal sound. The SACS9 subwoofer is paired with a Pioneer AVR-VSX-934 home theater amplifier and Focal Aria 906 speakers. also liked the sony subwoofer. while watching movies and listening to music.

We hear enough dynamics, sensitivity and purity. The space cannot be completely filled with sound. But there are still many things to compromise.


This compact active subwoofer is available at an affordable price. despite its small size, it manages to display amazing muscle power with a clean and powerful bass. it does not take up much space. It can be moved easily due to its low weight. The look is nothing special, in fact it may be too ordinary. Meanwhile, manufactured from high-quality components, the resonance of the cabinet is thus reduced to a minimum. However, if a deep and powerful bass is what you are looking for, you can opt for subwoofers in the more expensive price range.

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