September 29, 2023

The 8 Best Web Design Companies in Houston

Web Design Companies in Houston

Web Design Companies in Houston

Web design is the process of creating and arranging different website elements, which includes the layout, graphics, colors, topography, and interactive features. It’s essential, especially for a visually appealing and well-functional website. Website design calls for professionalism to ensure that you meet your site’s best aesthetic aspects and usability. 

The cost of hiring a website designer might be slightly high, but it’s worth it if you get the best services that guarantee a customized and high-quality website. In Houston, you can get professional web design services from different companies. It might be overwhelming to choose the best and ensure that you want. 

Here are the 8 best web design companies in Houston that you should consider;

  1. Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) Company

IS&T (Information Systems & Technology) is a reliable web design company for custom web design Houston. Established in December 1997, the company has the expertise that enables your businesses to make an excellent first impression with an attractive and user-friendly website like

Since every company has its own identity, customer base, and objectives, IS&T places a premium on providing individualized service for each client. As professionals in web design and development, they discuss with customers what they need. After that, they can create sites that accurately reflect their brands.

Custom site design is only one of IS&T’s many offerings; they also provide mobile app development, content production, and SEO services. Incorporating these into the design process guarantees that all aspects of the website are tailored to the user’s preferences. Content creation improves branding initiatives, and search engine optimization brings in the intended customers.

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  1. Techuz

Techuz has a reputation for delivering stellar performing sites, as evidenced by hundreds of positive reviews. The developer specializes in software development but is also a leading mobile and web-based application developer. Techuz has made a name for itself, serving customers from Houston to the rest of the US and the UK.

  1. Chetu Inc.

Chetu Inc. is a market leader in the software industry in the United States, offering its web design services and solutions to individuals and companies. It has a team of expert programmers.

Through the combination of technical knowledge, industry experience, and a dedication to excellence, Chetu provides low-priced, enterprise-level web design solutions. 

Its clients have complete visibility and access to their assigned development teams located anywhere in the world in real-time. Chetu’s advanced security models guarantee that the customer retains ownership of all code and intellectual property after the project.

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  1. Jeremy McGilvrey

If you’ve exploited the Houston web design services for some time, you might have probably learned about Jeremy McGilvrey. He founded one of the best web design firms in Houston, Texas, branded by his name, Jeremy McGilvrey. 

McGilvrey has been in the web design business for over 20 years. What makes him unique is his degree from Harvard. In addition to that, Jeremy McGilvrey is among the bestselling authors.

When developing customer-centric, high-converting sites and sales funnels, Jeremy and the exceptional team of professionals have a substantial competitive edge.

  1. Flevio

Flevio’s online solutions usually help organizations make more money by increasing website traffic and streamlining internal processes with modern web design software. 

The experts at Flevio are also expected to enlarge the company’s key skills. They are experts in cutting-edge web technology and can use that knowledge to assist you in reaching your website’s objectives.

  1. Website Iconix

Website Iconix is a company that creates and designs websites. Apart from the website services, they can help you build an app or online store.

Web design, web development, and electronic commerce development are all part of Website Iconix’s services. They are primarily concerned with micro, small, and medium-sized businesses.

  1. Authority Solutions

Authority Solutions is a search engine optimization firm with offices in Houston and Sacramento. They are experts in website development, SEO, content marketing, conversion optimization, and digital strategy. 

With Authority Solution assistance, businesses can better interact with their target audience and achieve higher conversion rates thanks to their content marketing and conversion optimization services. They promote their clients’ businesses by creating unified web marketing campaigns.

Authority solutions usually target small and medium-sized enterprises and build sites that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. They also increase their online visibility using sound SEO practices.

  1. GlobalSpex

GlobalSpex specializes in web development. Its mission is to serve the unique requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises by developing innovative and flexible web solutions. 

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To help businesses succeed in the digital world, GlobalSpex offers various services, including website design, web development, and digital marketing. They produce aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate sites. 

Since GlobalSpex also offers digital marketing, they help businesses develop efficient internet methods to accomplish their objectives. That is achieved through search engine optimization services and pay-per-click advertising strategies to boost their customers’ online presence and bring in qualified visitors.


When it comes to web design in Houston, several notable companies stand out. IS&T (Information Systems & Technology) Company offers custom web design services and SEO to create websites tailored to each client’s brand. 

Other options include Techuz,  Chetu Inc., Jeremy McGilvrey, Flevio,  Website Iconix, Authority Solutions, and GlobalSpex. All these offer innovative web solutions to help businesses succeed in the digital world.


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