December 4, 2023


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The alternatives to the Pendo platform

Pendo competitors

Pendo competitors

Pendo competitors: When you use a software product then there are the chances that it may work slow or average at the time where there is loads of work. There are also the chances that you may not be able to find the option or feature that you need in the software product. All these things can cause many negative effects on the person who is using the product because these little things can cause a lot of delay in the work. All these problems can be solved by making improvements to the product. But before any improvements are made to the software product, it is very important to ensure that in what ways the users are using the product or for what types of tasks the product is being brought into use. Once such analysis is done, improvements made based on this can bring a lot of success. Pendo has been very useful in such cases, as it provides an organization with a platform to know how users are using its product, so that effort can be made to make the product the best one for the users. Many of you may not have knowledge of Pendo, to know about it, you can continue reading this article.

What is Pendo?

Pendo is nothing more than a platform that helps in providing the experience of the products that shall help the customers in knowing the uses of your product. Features of your product can be explained through this platform. Even this platform will also allow you to know what are the feedbacks of the customers with respect to your product. Pendo has many features such as product usage insights, in-app surveys, in-app guidance and messaging, product roadmap, etc. all these features help the customers in knowing about the uses of the products. However, it does not have any feature that shall also help in providing training employees or that may support internal software adoption.

There are many Pendo competitors available that will fulfill the lacking points of this platform, Whatfix is one of such competitors or alternatives.

Why Whatfix?

There is no doubt that Whatfix has as same features as Pendo but it also has features to provide in-app training or in-app software adoption. Due to which it has become one of the top competitors of the Pendo.


It provides multi-format training: When walkthroughs like content are created, there is a strong need that such content to be created in different formats and ways to represent every point in a meaningful way. In such a case, this platform has been proved very useful because it automatically creates content in different ways and formats such as slideshows, sheets, PPTs, etc. When there is any need to update all these formats, you won’t have to update all individually. You will only have to make updates in the original, the other formats will be updated automatically. There won’t be any need to put extra effort.

It provides integration of enterprise platform: It also assists the users by providing the integration of enterprise platforms such as sales, purchase, workforce, etc. It helps in providing updates to all by integrating the enterprise platforms.

These are the two features of Whatfix platforms. Pendo competitors

Another Pendo competitor is Gainsight PX.

It provides product experience: When a user buys a product, he is of the assumption that such product will serve the purposes for which it is being bought. Producers also need to ensure the same that the product shall meet the needs of the customers. Gainsight PX was developed to ensure the same. This platform helps the team of an organization to collect the relevant data from the users of the product including their feedback on the product. So that with the help of such collected data a better version of the product can be produced.

It has better speed and performance: This platform works based on real-time. In this platform, no collected data is stored in the cache. Unlike Pendo, the data is available instantly whenever needed. As it provides data instantly to serve the needs that is why it has better speed and performance than Pendo.

However, there are more alternatives to Pendo like Walkme, Userlane, Apty, etc. All these platforms have many useful features including the features that Pendo has. Pendo competitors

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