December 2, 2023


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The Benefits of Switching to Data Only Plans in Singapore

data plans in singapore

data plans in singapore

If you have a basic mobile subscription, chances are that you are struggling with data usage. Standard plans have a certain amount of data included and the solution comes in the form of data-only plans. The benefits of data only plan in Singapore relate to how we use our smartphones daily. It is less often to see people engaging in voice conversation or using SMS services. MMS, once a popular service, is not dead. The future is all about data and the services that use data traffic. This can be seen today and it makes a lot of sense to have data-only plans. To make it easier to grasp the benefits of data only plans in Singapore, we have to look at each one of them individually.

1. You no longer have to worry about data

Given that you are getting a data-only plan that has 50 or more GB of traffic included, you will no longer have to worry about running out of data. If you know you need more than 50 GB, look at 100 GB plans or even unlimited data plans. Having so much data traffic included should take away all your worries about data usage. You will no longer feel the constraint to check how much data you used or avoid watching videos on your smartphone to limit your usage.

2. It can save you money

A standard plan that has some talk time, SMS traffic, and data traffic included can be 20% to 50% more expensive than a plan that only has data. If you know you do not need talk time and SMS traffic, maybe it would be a good idea to switch to a data-only plan and save some money in the process. This is one of the main benefits of data only plans in Singapore.

3. You can stop it at any given time

If you are getting a data-only plan on top of a basic plan, you get more flexibility. The extra data plan can be stopped at any given time. You only pay for it whenever you activate the package. This extra flexibility allows you to get more data without having to sign a new contract.

4. You still get some talk time and SMS traffic

Even if they are called data-only plans, you still get some talk time and SMS traffic. The allowance you get is limited and much lower than on a standard plan. However, even if you run out of talk time, you can still be called. The same goes for SMS traffic. If you know you do not need a lot of talk time but still want to have some, you could benefit from switching to a data-only plan.

These 4 perks of getting a data-only plan should be the only ones you care about. The benefits of data only in Singapore plan can translate into savings, peace of mind, and better service. Most of them imply 4G+ or 5G data traffic which is fast enough to stream 4K videos at low latency.

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