October 1, 2023

The Benefits of Using a Desk Fountain for Stress Relief 

desk fountain pen holder

desk fountain pen holder

In today’s fast-paced world, filled with meeting deadlines, long working hours, and social pressures, finding ways to decompress and find joy in the little things is essential. One of the ways you can do this is by using a desk fountain 

This article explores the potential benefits of using a desk fountain for stress relief. 

Helps Relieve Stress 

According to a study driven by the University of Sussex, they found that sounds of nature can help lower your stress levels. Desk fountains imitate the sounds of real-life waterfalls and help the mind switch off. Whether after a long day at work or staying home, a desk fountain is an excellent addition to any workspace.  

Helps Improve Sleep 

Lack of sleep can cause the body to release the stress hormone cortisol. This can cause the body to be tired and groggy in the morning. However, with a desk fountain, you can place it on your nightstand or dresser, helping you to fall asleep quickly.  

The sounds are repetitive, helping to create a tranquil environment that mimics nature. An added benefit is that it drowns out annoying sounds, such as the dogs outside or neighbors, without needing earplugs.  

Promotes Relaxation 

The gentle sounds of a water body have been proven to promote relaxation within the body. Upon hearing the calming sounds of the fountain, your brain’s alpha waves increase, transporting you to a state of peace and calmness. The water trickles down, creating a peaceful environment perfect for getting work done. The quiet lull of the water can also help keep your mind from wandering to stressful thoughts. 

Encourages Creativity 

Another benefit of using a desk fountain is that it helps with creativity. When stressed and overwhelmed, coming up with new ideas becomes a challenge. However, the sound of flowing water can help create a calming environment that promotes relaxation, helping you tap into your creative side.  

Decreased Muscle Tension 

The sound and sight of a desk fountain can create a calming effect and help reduce muscle stiffness and tension. Whether that’s from sitting for too long a period in a chair or being stressed about several things, a desk fountain can help ease the tension.  

Improved Focus and Concentration 

The sound from a desk fountain can act like white noise providing a soothing background for concentrating on work. It can help mask any other distracting noises and create a calm environment. The gentle sound from a desk fountain can also induce a meditative state helping to reduce stress and anxiety.  

Improves Air Quality 

One of the most significant advantages of having a desk fountain is the improved air quality. Desk fountains do this by adding humidity to the air. This is extremely helpful in dry environments such as the office. The fountain’s moisture can also help reduce the number of allergens and dust in the air, which make it hard to breathe. 

Encourages Mindfulness 

Another benefit of having a desk fountain is it helps you practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the exercise of paying attention to the moment without judgment. This can be a helpful practice in fueling gratitude and lowering stress. 

How To Choose the Right Desk Fountain: Factors To Consider 

Size and Space  

Consider the size of your workspace. If your desk space is small and limited, look for desk fountains that are smaller in width but make up for it in height. 

Style and Aesthetic  

Desk fountains come in various designs, styles, and colors. You must choose one that complements your workspace, whether a sleek modern design or a more organic earth-tone style.  

Additionally, consider the color theme in your space and choose a fountain that complements it. While the fountain provides mental and physical benefits, it is an added decor piece that should reflect your style and taste. 

Budget Considerations 

When buying anything, you must know what your budget looks like. Will you be spending $100, or will you be paying $500? Shop around and know what type of fountain you’d like and the price. However, a higher price doesn’t necessarily equate to better quality. Ensure the fountain you choose has all the required features without breaking the bank. 

Tips for Using a Desk Fountain for Maximum Stress Relief: Placement Tips 

  • Place the fountain on a level surface away from the edge, where it may accidentally fall.  
  • Don’t place the fountain in direct sunlight, as the water may evaporate  
  • Ensure that you place the fountain in a place where you can enjoy it without causing disturbances to others 
  • If the fountain is corded, ensure you place the cord far away from foot traffic  

Maintenance Tips 

  • Regularly clean the fountain to ensure no debris and dirt are piling up, which may make it a breeding ground for bugs.  
  • Change the water frequently to avoid foul odors and breeding bacteria.  
  • If the fountain has a replaceable filter, change it according to the manufacturers’ guidelines.  
  • If you live in a place with hard water, consider getting distilled water to avoid clogging the plumbing.  

Final Thoughts 

A desk fountain offers numerous benefits ranging from physical to mental. With these tips and the proper placement, a desk fountain can be a great addition to your space and help you navigate everyday stresses.