September 22, 2023

The Dos and Don’ts of Shooting Video in Dubai’s Public Spaces

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film schools in dubai


Dubai has several options for filming engaging movies in its public settings. Dubai is renowned for its gorgeous architecture, vibrant culture, and busy streets. To guarantee a pleasant and polite experience while filming in this lively city, it is necessary to adhere to a few rules. This article, brought to you by Film District Dubai, will examine the dos and don’ts of filming in public areas in Dubai, giving you insightful information to help you produce compelling content while abiding by regional traditions and laws.

There are several dos and don’ts to bear in mind when filming in public places in Dubai. The following are some general principles:


Obtain the required licences or approvals.

If you intend to shoot in a particular site, such as a government structure or a private property, be sure you have the required permissions or clearances. It is essential to secure the necessary licences from the appropriate authorities before you begin filming. You could require approval from the Dubai Film and TV Commission or other pertinent authorities, depending on the nature of your production. This procedure helps prevent any needless hassles by confirming that you have the legal right to film in particular areas.

Respect the culture of the locale by dressing modestly.

Dubai is a diversified metropolis with several ethnic groups and deeply held cultural ideals. While filming films in public places, it’s crucial to show respect for and awareness of these sensibilities. Avoid saying or doing anything that would be offensive or disrespectful to regional traditions, customs, or religious beliefs. Respect privacy and refrain from recording people without their permission.

Respect any cautions or signs that forbid taking photos or recording videos.

Respecting people’s privacy is essential when recording in public areas. Before including someone prominently in your videos, get their permission. Make sure you aren’t infringing anyone’s privacy rights or invading their personal space while taking generic pictures of public areas.

Know the rules and legislation in your area:

Learn about the rules and restrictions in your area regarding recording in public areas. Avoid engaging in illegal or restricted activities, such as operating drones without the necessary authorization or photographing sensitive areas. Being knowledgeable will guarantee a trouble-free experience and avoid any legal complexities.


Film in sensitive or prohibited locations, such as military bases or airports.

Regarding filming in specified locations or during specific hours, Dubai has special rules. To prevent recording in restricted areas, pay attention to the warning signs and information supplied by the authorities. Please observe any set times or locations where photographing or recording is prohibited. Following these rules guarantees adherence to local legislation and preserves the credibility of your film production.

Disrespect local traditions and customs:

Dubai is a city with strong ties to its past and cultural ideals. While filming movies in public areas, it’s critical to be respectful to and sensitive to the local traditions and customs. Avoid any conduct or expression that might be seen as insulting or obscene, such as unsuitable clothes or conduct. Learn about cultural expectations and make sure your film accurately portrays Dubai’s varied population.- Documenting or taking pictures of people without their permission.

Disregard safety measures:

Put safety first when recording videos in public places. Be aware of any risks or hazards connected to your preferred site. Take the required safety procedures to guarantee the security of your staff and the public. For instance, utilise the right safety gear and keep a safe distance from any possible hazards if you are shooting close to busy highways or construction sites. Your equipment should also be subject to your safety precautions, making sure it doesn’t restrict public walkways or pose a threat.

Avoid taking pictures at unauthorised times or places:

Filming in particular locations or at specific hours is subject to severe laws in Dubai. To prevent filming in forbidden areas, pay close attention to the notice and instructions supplied by the authorities. Any defined times or locations where photography or filming is prohibited should be respected. By following these rules, you can be confident that your video production is in conformity with local legislation and presents a professional image.


Prior to shooting, it is crucial to do some research on the unique rules and legislation pertaining to photography and videography in Dubai. Observing local rules and norms is crucial while taking pictures or recording video in any public area. It’s crucial to secure the required permits, respect regional customs, take privacy rights into account, follow safety procedures, and abide by copyright rules in order to provide a courteous, legally compliant, and culturally sensitive approach. This will make it easier to produce captivating videos that highlight Dubai’s beauty while presenting a polished and expert image.