October 1, 2023

The Fundamentals of Billboard Advertising

billboard advertising cost helmet adornments

billboard advertising cost helmet adornments

Despite the digital age in which we find ourselves, there are still some very powerful marketing strategies that exist from days of old. Billboard advertising, for example, is a very effective advertising method that preexists modern technology. While there is no questioning the merit of digital marketing through social media, websites, and ecommerce sites like Amazon, traditional forms of advertising can still be extremely effective with certain consumer demographics. With many organizations forcing employees to return to an in-person office, rush-hour traffic has returned once again.

With so many Americans stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, billboard advertising is only logical. Billboard advertising was popularized in America in the late 1860’s, but the history of billboards extends far beyond that. In fact, the history of billboards goes back to ancient Egypt wherein they were mostly used as displays of political propaganda. Not that this practice has fallen to the wayside by any means whatsoever.

Advantages of Billboard Advertising

There are many advantages to billboard advertising. First and foremost is the price. This is in line with almost any purchase decision, personal or otherwise. However, billboards are typically an extremely cost effective form of marketing. Not only this, but unlike other forms of modern marketing strategies, billboards cast a wide consumer net. In other words, they appeal to more consumers than an overly customized marketing tactic. This wide net is effective in gaining the attention of not only the intended target audience, but any other individuals who may fall into an interest category as well.

Even if target marketing is your game, billboards can still be an effective tool to reach an intended audience. With modern day technology, audience segments can be broken down by extremely granular data. If your advertising teams have data on commuters that represent a major target audience for your brand, product, or service, then investing in a billboard could help your organization reach a major portion of the intended market. This is especially the case with strategically placed billboards.

In order to strategically place billboards, your organization needs to learn and understand where the consumers in your industry are most likely to see billboards if installed.

Where to Billboard Advertise

There are many factors that can play into the location strategy you employ when it comes to billboard advertising. Most importantly you need to understand where your target demographic and target audience are will be most likely to come into visual contact with the billboards that you and your team develop. No matter what industry you’re in, there are some general tips that can make it easy to hit the ground running with billboard advertising. One such tip is to target high-traffic locations.

These are locations like highways, frequented rural roads, and even city hubs. The idea is to get as much exposure to your billboard campaign as you can. In these highly trafficked areas, billboards will undoubtedly be seen, and many will be read by active consumers. billboard advertising cost helmet adornments

Designing a Billboard

In designing a billboard campaign it’s important to keep in mind that these are OOH campaigns, or out of home marketing campaigns. As such, there are a multitude of theories and strategies that go into effective billboard design.

For starters, billboards should feature more images and pictures than they do words. In the same way that the best writing shows and doesn’t tell, billboards should paint a story with pictures. However, you can use business assignment help to create creative and selling text for your billboard. Additionally, billboards should be designed to scale. Billboards are meant to be big, and if the intended art or photography isn’t designed to scale, then billboards can end up looking ugly and be completely ineffective.

Finally, billboards need to be eye-catching and eye-popping. This is arguably the most important part of any billboard campaign, as consumers are more likely to remember something that grabs their attention. Especially something that grabs their attention visually.

The Stats Behind Billboard Advertising

When it comes to billboard advertising, the statistics speak for themselves. 80% of consumers said that they noticed a billboard ad in 2019, while 50% of people claimed to be highly engaged  by a billboard in just the last month. Going further than that, over 70% of consumers claim to actively watch and look at billboards while driving. billboard advertising cost helmet adornments

Everything considered, billboard advertising is a longstanding marketing strategy that is likely here to stay as long as consumers are taking trips on the road.

Finishing up on Billboard Ads

There are a lot of new-aged marketing tactics and strategies that are well worth considering when starting a business in the modern marketplace. However, there are few marketing strategies that compare to the long-standing efficiency and impact of billboard advertising.

No matter what industry you find yourself in, billboard advertising offers a cost-effective and consumer-friendly way to advertise to both target audiences, and stray consumers. Bolster your marketing strategy today with a billboard campaign.