December 3, 2023


Tech as it is.




As the year 2021 is coming to an end, it’s time for all of us to look back at what has gone by. While looking back, I stumbled upon a great revelation that made me realize how important our Collective Intelligence is and also its power. It happened after I got my hands on information about “AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT (ADM)” – something which I always thought was there at the back-end to make life simpler for our friends at Google. And as such no one ever pays any attention to it; we’ve always been obsessed with knowing more and more about search engine optimization (SEO).

Let’s face it: No matter how well known you is in this field, your knowledge or expertise can never match up to the knowledge-base of Google. All you SEO geeks might know a little more about search engine algorithms, but it’s nothing compared to what they really have in their cupboard! It was only after I came across this information that I realized how much we were missing by not knowing more about ADM.

Here are some benefits of ADM:

  • As the name suggests, the concept behind “AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT” is to manipulate data and add different types of elements which will be beneficial from a user perspective. These elements are then added to the hyperlinked set of documents or web pages which helps in building better links between them. This whole process is done automatically without any manual effort – all you is a desired Sitemap to feed the Google bot.
  • AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT pulls out data from all your available sources, including structured and un-structured data to build a graph which can be used in many different ways. It allows you to save time by not having to manually maintain links between sites or manually optimizing search engine optimization for each page. Let me explain this further by taking an example: The pages you want to optimize are already connected through links – but these links are no use if they aren’t interconnected within the context of the site. So how would you go about doing it? That’s where AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT comes into play; it helps make the link structure more efficient by keywords accurately, thereby increasing visibility and transparency.
  • The graph generated by the AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT is not just limited to your site either; it can also be used for sites which are related – thereby resulting in an increased “link juice” flow across the web. This is why I feel that ADM has so much potential and should be known to more people who are looking at optimizing their pages for better visibility on major search engines. Just imagine if you could have a larger index of backlinks without having to do anything yourself! That’s what AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT promises us – and truthfully speaking, they’re not lying either! As time goes by, more and more ways are being introduced through which our data can be manipulated.
  • I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the concept of Knowledge Graphs, but in case you don’t know – here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it: A knowledge graph is a type of knowledge base that organizes concepts in a graph structure.
  • A knowledge graph can be used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications like machine translation, question answering and speech recognition. Google uses its own proprietary version for ranking search results, interpreting natural language queries, suggesting searches, serving ads and fighting spam.
  • So even if we aren’t into AI or machine learning ourselves; by feeding them our data through AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT, we’re indirectly sending them signals which help them understand our preferences better! I guess this is why Google is trying to make it more of an open source project – they want everyone in the world to feed their AI with AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT so that they can improve the quality of search results for users.
  • With all these obvious benefits, why aren’t people using this? I think most geeks are unaware of the concept… and you know what they say about knowledge!


Today we talked about a very important and most trending topic which is “AUGMENTED DATA MANAGEMENT (What is it? How does it work?)”. By now, we all know that how much Google cares about the user experience; and we also know that they’re always trying to come up with something new.

We actually have been seeing this for quite some time now – as they keep on introducing new projects every day! And today, I brought up one such project which will be loved by those who are involved more in content writing than coding or those who don’t have any technical knowledge at all! It’s an extremely useful way of building links without having to do anything manually – saving your precious time and efforts.