The unified remote control application turns your Android into a PC controller

unified remote control application

unified remote control application

The unified remote control application turns your phone into a keyboard, mouse and radio control center that is useful for remote control of computers.

unified remote control application ,If you’ve turned off your computer from your TV for internet video streaming, music playback, or even general computer use, you know that setup can be awkward.the biggest challenge is to find a reliable solution for this application entering and navigating your sofa chair.

Unified Remote solves this dilemma and turns your phone into a keyboard and a mouse. It also offers “quick start” features that let you do things like start menu requests, file management, playback controls, shutdown tasks, and even shutdown your computer.

I used to share a simple keyboard and mouse solution for Android and a similar one for iPhone(gadgets), but the extended offerings of Unified Remote functions have undoubtedly exceeded them. (also read Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Earphones With Active Noise Cancellation Launched in India(@ Rs. 24,990))

Note the following: Turn your Android phone (application)into a keyboard and mouse

Step 1: First Download & install the Unified Remote server on your computer Note : applicable for Windows only. After installation, start it.

Step 2: Connect your device(phone) to the same WiFi network/Hot-spot as your computer connected to. Alternatively, if your computer is Bluetooth enabled, pair it with your phone as well.

Step 3: Install Unified Remote from the Play Store. When you start it, make sure you have installed the server in you gadgets. Then add a new server, enable/select “Automatic” and the application will find your computer in auto. Touch the name of your computer to log in.

Now you can control your computer with your phone gadgets. Touch Remotes in the app. The “Basic Input” remote control prompts you to enter the mouse, which you can use as a track pad. Instructions for using the mouse appear on the screen. Tap the menu key on the phone to request the keyboard.(also read Do You Know Why Phones are heavy ?)

Back in the list of remote controls, you will see many other ways you can control your computer with the application. Here are some useful ones:
File manager: Find and open files in the application.
Media: Stop, play, and skip local media.
Power: shutdown, restart, hibernation and other power options.
Start: Call the start menu to start programs easily.
YouTube: Control the playback of YouTube video streams.

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