September 26, 2023

The Value of Guest Posting for Tech Companies and Bloggers

free guest posting

free guest posting

Guest posting has become an invaluable part of any successful content marketing strategy. Placing high-quality content on reputable external sites can boost brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and drive qualified traffic back to your website. For tech companies and bloggers looking to grow their online presence, guest posts tech offer a compelling way to expand reach and demonstrate expertise.

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Why Guest Posting Works

Guest posting comes with several key benefits:

Increased Brand Visibility and Credibility

Publishing content on industry-leading sites immediately gives your brand exposure to new and engaged audiences. As a contributor, you’ll gain recognition as a credible source on your chosen topic. Your author bio and links back to your website also help establish your brand’s authority in the space.

Develop Thought Leadership

Well-crafted guest posts allow you to provide unique insights and perspectives on trending topics. You can highlight your company’s approach, voice opinions, and frame narratives around current issues. This positions your brand as an influencer and leader within your niche.

Generate Referral Traffic

The number one goal of guest posting is driving interested visitors back to your own platforms. Including strategically-placed backlinks within your bylined articles facilitates this by sending readers your way. Furthermore, your content may be shared across social media, multiplying referrals.

Improved SEO

Publishing on high-domain-authority external sites signals search engines that your brand offers valuable content. Done right, guest posting provides SEO gains through contextual backlinks, niche keywords, and increased online visibility.

Forge Connections

Guest posting expands your network by bringing you into direct contact with site editors and audiences. Nurturing these relationships over time can lead to repeat publishing opportunities, collaborations, referrals, and more.

Best Practices for Guest Posting

To maximize the impact and ROI of your guest posting efforts, keep these tips in mind:

Choose Relevant, Reputable Sites

Focus on submitting to sites that align with your brand identity and target audience. Make sure their domain authority, traffic, and audience reach suit your goals. Aim for sites that potential customers actually read and trust.

Provide Value to Readers

Your guest posts must offer true value through useful info, insights, perspectives, or entertainment. Think like your target readers – what content would bring them real benefit? Avoid overly self-promotional posts that purely pitch products.

Optimize for SEO

Research keywords and strategically incorporate relevant terms throughout your article to boost SEO. Include keywords in titles, section headers, image file names, alt text, meta descriptions, and content.

Get Creative with Visuals

Images, graphics, videos, illustrations, and other visual elements enhance engagement. Include eye-catching, high-quality visuals to support your content and give it aesthetic appeal.

Include Natural Backlinks

Work 1-2 contextual backlinks to your site into the natural flow of content. Hyperlink relevant text (don’t use anchors like “click here”) for user-friendliness. Avoid over-optimizing with excessive links.

Follow Guest Posting Guidelines

Carefully adhere to each site’s guest contribution guidelines regarding article length, style, links, and any other specifications. Following directions shows professionalism.

Personalize Pitches

Take time to customize your introductory pitch instead of blasting generic templates. Demonstrate you know the site and briefly explain why your post is a good fit.

Submit High-Quality Drafts

Submit polished drafts free of grammar/spelling errors so editors don’t have to extensively clean up your piece. Sloppy posts reflect poorly on your brand.

Guest Posting Opportunities for Tech Companies

For tech brands, guest posting should focus on driving thought leadership, referrals, and conversions. Relevant site targets include:

  • Tech news sites like TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat
  • Tech influencer and analyst blogs
  • Software/SaaS review sites like Capterra, GetApp
  • Industry/niche tech publications
  • Tech event media sites
  • Relevant trade publications
  • Tech sections of business/marketing sites

Aim to regularly secure guest posts on sites your customers and prospects actually read. Possible topics include tech trends/innovations, product roadmaps, company milestones, workplace culture, tech tips, leadership perspectives, and more.

Guest Posting Opportunities for Tech Bloggers

For bloggers covering technology, guest posting can grow your readership and credibility. Great sites to pitch include:

  • Mainstream tech blogs like How-To Geek, Lifehacker
  • Tech influencer blogs
  • Multi-author tech blogs and sites accepting contributors
  • Relevant software review platforms
  • Tech publications related to your specialization
  • Tech sections of productivity/business blogs

As a tech blogger, focus guest posts on specific how-to’s, tips, tutorials, insider techniques, product reviews, and topic primers within your niche. Share your unique knowledge while linking back to your blog.


Guest posting offers tech companies an impactful content marketing tactic to reach new audiences. For tech bloggers, it provides exposure and authority-building opportunities. By following best practices and securing placements on reputable, relevant sites, brands can maximize the benefits of guest posting. Just be sure to provide genuine value to readers – not just promotional drivel. With valuable insights and compelling content, your next guest post is sure to effectively expand your tech brand’s online influence.


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