October 1, 2023

Things to know about r/manga !



r/manga: Yu-Gi-Oh! The manga R serves as a spin-off and interquel to the main manga of the series. Taking place between two major series arcs, Yu-Gi-Oh! R didn’t have enough of the adventures of Yugi, Pharaoh and all their friends (and Seto Kaiba) at the end of the series.
However, while the manga travels in some familiar directions, there are still major differences between this episode and Yugi and Pharaoh’s other adventures in the manga. It’s not the same and it’s nice to know what fans were in for when the series started.

Takes place after defeating Marik

Original title: Yu-Gi-Oh! R takes place after Marik’s defeat in the middle of the City of War and Memories of the Pharaoh series arcs. Although no exact date has been given as to when this will take place, several remnants of the Battle City arc still exist in series such as the Egyptian God books.

While some might argue that it was better placed before the Walking the Dragon arc, the arc is separate from the anime. That means it’s not canon for the manga series.

It revolves around Maximilian’s son Pegasus.

The manga’s main protagonist is Pegasus, one of Maximilian’s sons. Seeking revenge on his father, Yako Tenma quickly takes over Kaiba Corp. Yugi and his friends and Seto pose a threat to Kaiba. And Anju kidnapped Masaki (a tea planter).

Even worse, they have a special card called Evil Avatar that can clash with the Egyptian God cards. A card that immediately seems problematic with a gifted duelist like Yugi.

An extraordinary writer

The main series is created and drawn by Kazuki Takahashi, who is the sole original concept creator of this manga. Writer and composer credits for the spin-off have been handed to Akira Ito.

Akira Ito, Kazuki Takahashi’s assistant in the original manga series, does an even more impressive job imitating Takahashi’s style in the new series. Giving fans a proper taste of the kids’ card game action even after the series ends. He would later become one of the co-creators of Cardfight!!! Continuing to draw the series’ manga and books later in life.

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Published by Viz

The anime is handled by 4Kids Entertainment, while the manga is handled by Viz Media. That means fans will have to go through them to get the official version of Yu-Gi-Oh! R.

There are certainly more ethically questionable ways to read manga online, with official sites offering both print and online manga. Several stores carry the manga for around $9.99 a pop, but you can read the manga digitally by purchasing the manga or subscribing to Shonen Jump for $1.99 a month online. However, fans of the card game may opt for the physical version as some volumes come with promotional cards.