September 25, 2023

Things to Know Before You Hire Uber App Developers

chicago taxi app

chicago taxi app

The advent of urbanization has created a massive need for transportation services, leading to various taxi booking apps. Having an app that helps people book a cab or book taxis in their town can be beneficial in several ways.

Taxi booking app development is quite a tough job for any business, but it also opens new opportunities for you. It will let your taxi business develop on a massive scale, and many more consumers will be able to enjoy the services your business provides, which could result in huge profits for you.

The Cost of Creating a Custom Taxi Booking Mobile App

The price of taxi booking app development is determined by several factors. First of all, it depends on the size of the project — from small-scale ones to large-scale ones. Secondly, it also depends on the complexity of your product and the features you need to include. As a business, you require talent at cost-effective rates, and that’s where choosing a taxi app development company in India comes in since hiring from developing countries assures you the best talent at affordable rates.

Features You Need to Include in Your Taxi App

People use such apps to book taxis, share GPS locations, see other passengers’ ratings, track their driver’s location in real time, and much more. However, it’s not easy to design a perfect taxi app considering the high number of features you need to include in your app to design it such that it functions similarly to Uber. Here are some basic features you need for your taxi app:


An application programming interface (API) is a set of rules and protocols that allows developers to build applications. APIs can be used by any organization, such as a taxi company, to create their app. Developers can use an API to integrate their booking app with the taxi company’s platform and access its various features and functions.

Using an API can also make integrating the taxi booking app with other systems or services easier. For example, the app could use an API to access real-time traffic data to provide more accurate ride estimates or to integrate with a customer loyalty program.


This allows users to create an account, log in, and manage their personal information and payment methods. This is the first step they take when they download your app, so you must make it as easy as possible for them.

You can include a user profile where they can upload photos and documents and create their profile with contact information. You should also allow them to sign up with their social media account (such as through Facebook).

Maps, GPS, and routing

Maps are important for both drivers and passengers. Drivers need to know where they are going so they can get there safely; passengers can ensure that the driver is going in the right direction and following the exact route to the destination. Routing is also important for drivers because it helps them figure out which way is best for their route (and, therefore, how long it will take).

Communication and notifications

Notifications are an excellent way to keep your customers informed about the status of their taxis. You can use notifications to alert them of availability or inform them of any changes in the route.

Notifications can also be used for other things, like when a driver has arrived at your location and is ready for pick up and when there’s been an error with one of your users’ accounts or payments.


Taxi apps are used to book cabs, pay for them, and manage the payment process. Credit cards and PayPal are the most common payment methods, but some taxi apps also support other types of payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

The most important part about accepting payments is making sure that your customer can trust you with their data so they don’t have to worry about it getting stolen or hacked. Make sure to thoroughly test the payment feature to ensure it is working correctly and that all transactions are processed securely. Some users prefer to pay with a credit card, while others prefer to use a mobile wallet or other payment methods. Offering multiple options can increase the appeal of your app to a wider audience.

Profiles and Rating

You will need a way to track and store user ratings and reviews, as well as a process for moderating inappropriate or abusive content. You will need to design and develop the necessary screens and functionality for users to view and rate their rides. Users should also be able to choose their favorite option when it comes time for them to rate your company based on service quality, price, etc., to get better recommendations based on their reviews.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Taxi App Development Company

1. Can I See the Taxi Apps You Already Built?

The best way to determine if a taxi app company is trustworthy and whether you should hire them is by looking at their portfolio of past apps. If there are no complaints about the quality of the work, then it is safe to say that their apps are good enough for you to use their services.

It is especially helpful if you are thinking of shifting from one company to another, as it provides more ways to increase revenue. 

2. How Skilled are Your Taxi App Developers?

Like Uber, the taxi app industry, in general, has gained worldwide popularity in a few years. So it is required that an app development agency should have an experienced team capable of building a great app. 

A few factors can impact the skill level of the taxi app developers you hire. These include

  • Experience: Developers with more experience tend to have a deeper understanding of different technologies and frameworks, as well as a track record of completing projects.
  • Education and training: Developers who have formal education in computer science or a related field or who have completed additional training or certifications may have a higher level of skill.
  • Relevant expertise: Developers with experience working on similar projects or specific expertise in areas relevant to your project may be more skilled in those areas.
  • Quality of work: Reviewing the developers’ previous work or code can give you a sense of their skill level and attention to detail.

It’s important to carefully consider the skill level of the developers you hire, as this can impact the success and quality of your project. It may be worth investing in more experienced or skilled developers to ensure that your app is high quality and meets your needs.

3. Will You Maintain the Taxi App Post-launch?

Just like the service provided by Uber app developers, you need developers who can help you successfully maintain your taxi app after launch. Here are a few things you need to consider and ask about the post-launch maintenance of your taxi app –

  • Bug fixing: It’s common for apps to have some bugs or defects that are discovered after launch. It’s important to have a process for promptly identifying and fixing these issues.
  • Performance monitoring: You should regularly monitor the performance of the app to ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently. This can include tracking app crashes, load times, and battery usage.
  • Security: Keeping the app and its users’ data secure is important. This can involve implementing security updates and patches as needed, as well as monitoring for and responding to potential security threats.
  • User feedback: Gathering and responding to user feedback can help you identify areas for improvement and fix any issues that users are experiencing.
  • New feature development: You may want to consider adding new features or functionality to the app over time to keep it up-to-date and competitive. This can involve market research, prototyping new ideas, and testing and implementing new features.
  • App store updates: You will need to regularly update the app on app stores to ensure that it is compatible with the latest versions of the operating system and to fix any issues that have been identified.

Overall, it’s important to have a plan in place for maintaining and updating the app after launch to ensure that it remains functional and meets the needs of your users. To ensure post-launch maintenance is affordable and timely, opt to hire mobile app developers in India and other developing countries, which are considered hubs for finding expert developers at cheap rates.

Final Thoughts

Creating a user-friendly taxi booking app requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. From designing an intuitive interface and integrating payment systems to ensuring compliance with local regulations, there are many steps involved in the development process. By following a comprehensive guide and working with experienced developers, it is possible to create a successful and high-quality taxi booking app that meets the needs of both drivers and riders.

After launching the app, it’s important to have a plan for ongoing maintenance and updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features. By staying up-to-date and responsive to user feedback, you can ensure that your taxi booking app remains a valuable resource for those looking for reliable, convenient transportation.chicago taxi app

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