December 2, 2023


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Things You Need To Know While Preparing Your Cargo for International Shipping

Biggest shipping companies in the world

Biggest shipping companies in the world

Biggest shipping companies in the world: Anyone who is connected to the freight business knows about the hazards of shipping goods. It takes a lot of time, money, precision, and the involvement of professionals to transport goods from the origin place to their destination. After the goods are delivered, and the recipient notices damage to the received goods, he would request a return or an exchange. Now returning such items that got damaged in transit is a painstaking job. It can be a burden to the freight forwarding company in terms of time and money. So, if you are in this business, you should keep in mind certain things while preparing your cargo for international shipping.   

Packaging of the goods should be able to tolerate the different shipping pressures

The shipping process is quite complicated and involves many stages. So, if you want your goods to remain intact throughout the journey, you must ensure that they are packed properly to tolerate what international shipping throws at them.  

  • Make sure that they are stackable. If you are dealing with LCL (Less than Container Load), Groupage, or Consol cargo, then it might so happen that your goods may gain passage with many other items. So, they should have a provision to be placed on top of, alongside, or against other items. 
  • Do the packaging in such a way that they can handle a forklift. In international freight shipping, goods are loaded and stacked using forklifts. They must be ready to deal with such a scenario.  
  • If you have availed air transport for delivering the goods, then make sure that they are resistant to damages caused by tilting of the package. 
  • If you have booked a passage through the sea, your goods must be ready to tolerate the motion of the ocean.
  • If you have chosen the road or rail routes for transporting the items, make sure that the packaging can withstand shocks and jerks. 

Choose the right packaging technique

To minimize damages, you must invest in choosing a good technique for packaging your goods. Using reinforced or double-walled parcel boxes, two-layered corrugated cardboard boxes, or crates can protect your things from potential ruins. Choose the packaging according to the size, weight, and material of the transported goods. If you are dealing with fragile items, make sure to label the outside of the box. It will make the couriers cautious while handling such parcels. Consider the different weather conditions and have back-ups ready to combat them. Biggest shipping companies in the world

Fill up the extra space

While packing up things, we have observed that a lot of extra space remains vacant. If we leave the package like that, we are subjecting it to damages. Using air cushions or packing peanuts can solve this problem.

Use good quality tape for sealing 

Often, parcels get destroyed due to the poor quality of the sealing tape. Using good quality and sturdy tape for securing the packages can minimize the number of return goods.     Biggest shipping companies in the world


Keep in mind all these things while choosing the packaging material. Give importance to functionality, not looks. To ensure safe shipping, use the discussed tips to allow minimum damage to your goods.    Biggest shipping companies in the world

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