tips for google adwords

tips for google adwords

Tips for Google Ads or Google AdWords is an online advertising platform. It is developed by Google. The advertisers can use this platform to display different kinds of ads. There are lots of benefits of Google AdWords. It works faster than SEO. It is the best way to increase brand awareness. By using Google Ads, users can reach more customers. It is also the best way to reconnect with the visitors of your website. To avail these benefits of Google Ads, you will have to use these ads effectively. While using Google Ads, advertisers make lots of mistakes. Here, we will discuss the mistakes in Google Ads which you must avoid.

Not Using Negative Keywords:

If you are running Google Ads to increase the sales of your products or services, you should use negative keywords. Most of the advertisers make this mistake. They don’t use negative keywords in their advertising campaigns. As a result, they waste lots of money on the wrong advertising campaign. The main task of Google Ads is to send traffic to your website. If you are driving wrong traffic to your website by running Google Ads, you can’t convert these visitors into potential customers. Its reason is that they are not interested in your products. Before running the advertising campaign, you should find out all the negative keywords. You can use various tools to find out negative keywords. After finding these negative keywords, you should place them in your advertising campaign. When you place these negative keywords in the Google Ads, you can drive interested customers to your website.

Poor Keyword Research:

The success of the Google Ads advertising campaign depends upon the keyword research. If you are not paying enough attention to searching for the best quality keywords, you can’t get the required benefits of your advertising campaign. Most of the advertisers also make this mistake. They just know the importance of running the advertising campaign through Google Ads. As a result, they place keywords in their advertising campaign without taking an overview of the impacts of these keywords on the sales of their products and services. Before placing the keywords in the Google Ads campaign, the advertisers should conduct effective keyword research. Google Keyword Planner is the best tool for advertisers to conduct keyword research. When you place the right set of keywords in your Google Ads campaign, you can convert the visitors into potential customers.

Not Testing Bidding Strategies:

As we know that lots of bidding strategies are available in the Google AdWords. To select a suitable bidding strategy is a real challenge for the advertisers. That’s why they make lots of mistakes while selecting a suitable bidding strategy for their advertising campaign. They just test a few bidding strategies and try to select one of them. This is not the right strategy to get the required benefits by running campaigns through Google Ads. The best way to get the required benefits through Google Ads is to create your manual CPC. When you create your manual CPC, it will give control to you on various things. The manual CPC works only if you want to run Google Ads for the long term. Anyhow, if you want to run these ads just for one or two weeks, you should go for the enhanced CPC.

Not Adding Extensions:

As told by a dissertation help firm, Google is providing lots of benefits to advertisers. Google has introduced lots of extensions for the advertisers to effectively run their advertising campaigns. By using these extensions, the advertisers can optimize their advertising campaigns and they can also send optimized traffic to their websites. Some advertisers don’t use these extensions. As a result, they are making a big mistake. They should know that if they use these extensions, they can increase the clicks of their websites. For example, if you make use of the site link extension, it will create different links of your website. As a result, it will send targeted traffic on different pages of your website. If you want to show the most important selling points of your website, you can use the callout extension. Similarly, you can also make use of some other extensions like message extension and location extension etc.

Ignoring Regional Trends:

If you are running ads for the local business, you can ignore these trends. Its reason is that in the local business, you will have to sell your products and services in a specific area. For example, if you are running Google Ads for a restaurant in a specific city, you should show ads in this specific city only. It is possible only if you select regional trends in your advertising campaign. Some advertisers also make mistakes here. They ignore regional trends. As a result, their ads are shown worldwide. If the ads of your local business are appearing nationwide, you can’t get the required benefits of your advertising campaign. Its reason is that people from other cities will not show interest in the restaurant in your city. Other businessmen should also make use of regional trends. The regional trends will provide them with an idea where their ads are performing well and where not.

Not Using Experiments:

It is a hidden gem of Google Ads. Most of the advertisers don’t know it. As an advertiser, if you are not using this essential feature of Google Ads, it means that you are missing a lot. This essential feature of Google Ads allows advertisers to run split tests. After running the split tests, the advertisers can find out the best working variable. By using this essential feature of Google Ads, you can perform lots of experiments. You can run the tests on different landing pages. You can run the tests of different ad copies. It is also providing an opportunity to run tests on different keyword match types. The advertisers can also test different keywords by using this feature. It is also allowing the advertisers to test a specific amount of traffic that is driving to your website. If you are not getting enough conversions from a specific amount of traffic, you can drive traffic to your website by utilizing different advertising campaigns.

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