Top 3 Less Investment Startup Businesses to Make Money by Eric J Dalius

EJ Dalius

EJ Dalius

Before starting a business, the most significant factor you have to consider is your business ideas. Everybody can have a few business ideas but a vast number of them do not really function in the long run. Well, if you wish to begin your journey by starting a business enterprise with the very best ideas, you just landed at the right place.

A new startup demands a proper business idea, constant hard work, commitment, and most importantly patience. 70%+ startups fail in the first decade due to opting for the wrong business ideas. Here in this article, EJDalius has pointed out the 3 less investment business ideas, to begin with, for a startup. Thus, without wasting a moment, let us jump into the very best startup business ideas which can enable your business enterprise to become a stellar performer.

Become a Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant business model is among the best choices for those who wish to begin a small startup business with almost zero investment. Every business demands virtual assistants to finish a few essential jobs. So, there’s a massive chance that your business can get rapid growth and the best part of it is you may also work for international clients. A virtual assistant can do tasks such as responding to emails, filling up online forms and reports, function bookings, scheduling a meeting, and so on. The very best aspect of the business is that it is an online business so even you can do it from your home itself. You can get your clients on several outsourcing websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork. A virtual assistant business may earn you up to $2000 for a week of work.

Dropshipping Business

If you would like to start an e-commerce company but do not have much to invest, dropshipping can be a very good choice for you. Dropshipping is an online business that you can begin with almost zero investment by reselling the products. Just all you have to do is make an online shop with which you can ship orders for your clients. Shopify is an online platform, which lets you begin your Dropshipping company. The best part of this business is that you don’t have to execute a product or market study, simply establishing a store and receiving the orders are sufficient to generate massive revenue.

Become an E-mail Marketer as Suggested by Eric J Dalius

Can you compose emails? If so, then it is possible to begin an online business as an email marketer. Big firms hire email marketers to compose emails. E-mail marketers can quickly make $400 to $1500 per project in accordance with the experience. Therefore, email marketing is among the greatest business ideas for those beginners who don’t have sufficient funds to invest. You may get your e-mail advertising clients on Upwork and Freelancer. Email marketing is one of the smartest businesses; even EJ Dalius marked it as the smartest startup idea of the 21st century.


Well, as you have gone through the post, now you are more than ready to start a business without spending thousands of dollars. A new startup constantly needs hard work and determination. There are a huge number of folks who are earning desired revenues from these businesses. So, make yourself ready as the next on the list could be you!

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