Top 5 Best Snack Subscription Boxes For Your Palate

asian snack subscription boxes

asian snack subscription boxes

Asian snack subscription boxes: Getting the right snack at the right time is the key to fulfilling your cravings, sweet or savory. Unfortunately, in most cases, we take too long to identify, select, and shop for the right snacks we enjoy less than we should. But did you know that snack subscription boxes can enhance your snacking experience? These boxes guarantee instant and convenient access to healthy, delicious, and accurate snacks to satisfy your cravings. 

Snack subscription boxes come in numerous types and are not created equal. So, finding one that suits your needs may take time and effort, especially for first-time shoppers. Luckily, we identified the top five best snack subscription boxes for your palate, from keto to Japanese and vegan. Whatever you crave, there is something satisfactory for you.

Carnivore Club

Are you craving healthy and delicious meat treats but don’t know where to start? The Carnivore Club is designed to satisfy your inner carnivore regardless of your situation. It doesn’t matter whether you are leaving for work or enjoying a movie at home – this snack subscription box will always come through. 

It is jam-packed with 4 to 6 high-quality and handcrafted cured meat types you can enjoy monthly. Depending on your needs, you can choose from biltong, meat sticks, and jerky, which you can enjoy or gift to your family, friends, or colleagues to satisfy their meat cravings.

The Carnivore Club is perfect for picnics, wilderness outings, and sports days, among other outdoor activities. It comprises five varieties of USA-made jerky and comes in a 20L waterproof dry bag, ensuring your snacks are fresh for longer. 

You can never regret spending your time and money at Carnivore Club. It is an excellent destination for all your meat cravings.


If you crave a delightful taste of healthy, authentic, and delicious Japanese snacks, you can never go wrong with Bokksu. This subscription box offers Japanese candies and teas alongside the snacks, guaranteeing monthly satisfaction for your cravings. The items in the box are sourced directly from century-long existing family businesses, thus the taste of authenticity and originality.

Each Bokksu box contains 20 -24 teas and snacks besides allergen and snack booklet info for every snack. The booklet teaches you about Japan as you enjoy snacks and ensure each one suits your dietary needs.

You can pay for the subscriptions monthly or prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Universal Yums

Most food lovers enjoy traveling and trying out new foods worldwide. Unfortunately, traveling to every part of the world is impossible due to time and financial constraints. Universal Yums brings your dream global sweets and snacks to your doorstep and helps you achieve your dream of enjoying every country’s specialty.

Universal Yums ensures you enjoy various snacks from different parts of the world monthly, in the comfort of your home – convenient and cost-effective. Besides, these snacks are not readily available in your local stores and, thus, hard to find. 

Besides the snacks, you will also get a 12 or 16-page pamphlet with trivia and games alongside bonuses such as recipes, among other surprises. Once you find the correct box for your needs, you can pay monthly or annually, which brings huge discounts on every box.


Like Universal Yums, SnackCrate also offers global snacks every month. The snack box sizes exist as follows:

  • Mini – 5 to 6 snacks
  • Original – 10 to 12 snacks
  • Family – 18 to 20 snacks

In addition to the snacks, you will also find fun facts, a music playlist, and games that you can enjoy as you munch on your snacks. The company also caters to individual snacks and candies at The CandyBar, where you can comprehensively shop for your favorite snacks from any country.

One unique feature of SnackCrate is that every subscription box you buy enrolls you into a contest where you can win a global trip via the Adventure Ticket. 

Thrive Market

Sometimes, it isn’t just snacks you want but also organic health products and groceries, among other needs. In such cases, Thrive Market becomes your ideal option as it offers a line of these products to meet your needs. 

You can design and curate your subscription by setting the number of products, whether snacks, groceries, or health items, you need each time and change as you wish.

The company allows you to filter out unsuitable food and pantry items, snacks, and health products, ensuring your order serves you satisfactorily. 

The items range from vegan to gluten-free, keto, and paleo – there is something for everyone regardless of your dietary needs. Besides the monthly payment of $5, you can also opt for the annual upfront payment. Thriving Market only ships to the contiguous U.S., free for orders above $49.

Final Thoughts

Inaccessibility is probably one of the reasons you can’t have your favorite snacks anytime the cravings hit you. But anytime can be snack time if you have the correct snack subscription box. 

With these boxes, you can enjoy a monthly supply of your favorite snacks, regardless of their country of origin or cuisine. It doesn’t matter whether they are available at the local store or not. 

Also, you do not have to travel to the country of origin or the local store to find them. The snacks come to you, and most importantly, at the most affordable price. asian snack subscription boxes


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