December 9, 2023


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Top 5 Most Recommended Merge PDF Tools

how to merge pdf files mac

how to merge pdf files mac

Since the early 1990s, files have been shared using the PDF format via emails, websites, and other platforms.

The PDF format changed the entire digital document system by introducing a common and universal document format that is compatible with all major operating systems.

The way people use this format has changed significantly in recent years.

PDF files are used for a variety of purposes today, including spreading content on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Anyone can use a free PDF merger tool to combine multiple PDF files into one universally compatible file for any purpose.

The following are the top 5 most recommended merge PDF tools.

The aim of this article is to rank 5 tools based on the factors of overall features and quick usability.

To test the quick usability, we have measured the approximate time it takes for a user to complete the session, meaning the stage from uploading the files to downloading them.

For the basic test of all 5 tools, we used 3 files of 2 MB each without any additional processes.

  1. iLovePDF

ILovePDF is one of the top leading PDF mergers available on the Internet now. It is a complete suite that does more than just merge the files.

It can even compress, convert, split, rotate, watermark, unlock, protect, organize, sign, scan and much more.

As per our session time analysis to test the quickness of the tool, we found that the iLovePDF tool completes the entire session well within 14 seconds, putting the tool at the top position.

This tool has 3 different versions, desktop, mobile, and online, which offer users great convenience.

They also have a strong security system as they stop file theft.

All files will be automatically deleted within two hours.

The highest level of protection against document theft or interception is provided by end-to-end encryption, regardless of the device you use.

Soda PDF is also a well-trusted easy to use tool that has many decent features in terms of PDF files.

Like iLovePDF, Soda is a PDF utility suite with multiple tools within one site.

It can also merge, compress, convert, split, rotate, watermark, unlock, protect, organize, sign, scan, and much more.

In our session time test, this tool provided the second best result within 17 seconds of the time it took to upload, merge, and then download the files.

Additionally, they also have a robust security system that prevents any unauthorized file access.

Within a fixed time period of 24 hours, all files will be automatically deleted.

The user also has the option to save their processed files on cloud storage platforms directly.

The downside is that the user may need to sign up to use additional tools or features. is a simple, dedicated, and user-friendly online merging tool because it combines all of your uploaded files into a single document quickly and easily.

This free PDF merger is not a suite but a dedicated combiner tool that can effortlessly combine multiple PDF files into one using a smart and reliable algorithm.

Due to the simplicity of the process, anyone can use the online PDF merger even if they do not have much technical know-how.

It can be accessed from any internet-connected laptop or mobile device.

The free PDF merger can join unlimited PDF files without creating an account, registering, or subscribing. Also, this online tool has no compatibility issues.

Additionally, it protects your privacy and keeps your data secure, as the merged files are deleted from the server as soon as the user exits the tool.

Hence, no data is retained within the tool.

In our session time test, the merge PDF tool provided the third best result within approximately 27 seconds to upload, merge, and then download the files.

This tool is also among the top PDF utility tools on the internet with a good rank.

This cost-free and simple-to-use online PDF merge feature is available 24/7.

Combine various PDF files or other file types, such as images, and merge them into a single PDF.

Users of PDF2GO can comfortably use the “drag and drop” option, which is one of the simplest ways to get started. The user interface is clean and uncomplicated to use.

It is a practical and safe PDF tool that completely protects the privacy of your PDF data.

Like that, the tool gives the best outcomes without sacrificing any file quality.

The final altered version of your file will not be accessible after closing your search engine or the tool.

This protects the file and keeps unauthorized users from accessing it. how to merge pdf files mac

PDF2GO provided us with the 4th best result in terms of quick usability, with approximately 27.5 seconds to upload, merge, and download the files.

The last one on our list is also a PDF utility suite that can do more than just merge files.

It can also merge, compress, convert, split, rotate, watermark, unlock, protect, organize, sign, scan, and much more.

The tool is available in online and offline versions and has a variety of capabilities.

Both online and offline file merging are available on any platform as the tool offers both versions.

To import from Drop box or Google Drive, use any of your devices to access the tool.

With the PDF24 cloud storage connection, users can get to all of their files right away.

This is especially helpful for people who work on multiple devices or from home.

As per our session time analysis to test the quickness of the tool, we found that the PDFCandy tool completes the entire session well within 30 seconds, putting the tool in the last position out of 5.


Online tools like these PDF Utility tools are very helpful because they have everything you need in one place. how to merge pdf files mac

This means that all you have to do is choose and upload your PDF files to the site, then choose the option the tool gives you, wait for the process to finish, and your files will be fixed in no time.

This is exactly what you can do with the free PDF combiner tools, which make it easy to combine several PDF files into one in no time.

With the help of our analysis, we managed to figure out the usability of these tools and how quickly they perform in the session tests.

It is not necessary that these tools perform exactly the same, as the time can vary from user to user and task to task.