December 3, 2023


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Top 5 Software to Manage Your Customer Queues



Queue management system software: Everything in today’s technological world revolves around client happiness. The impact of lineups in retail establishments and other businesses on the customer experience makes queue management software even more important. There have been many advancements over the years that have resulted in software that allows organizations to manage their clients more efficiently.

A queue management software helps businesses like retailers, government offices, and more streamline customer queues. Also, such software allows the customers to virtually join the lineups, wait remotely for their turn, and utilize time to execute other crucial tasks.

Ultimately, the only way to manage customer queues is to use a digital queue management system. Not only will this boost consumer satisfaction, but will help in raising brand awareness.

While searching for the best queuing system, you may come across plenty of options. Here, picking the one is the most challenging process of all. As a result, to make this procedure a lot easier, we’ve listed the top 5 tools for managing client queues.

Popular Software to Manage Customer Queues


Awebstar’s queue management system is unquestionably the best for managing customer lines and boosting customer satisfaction. Its SMS feature helps in the decline of customer lines and the improvement of the waiting experience.

Additionally, when clients scan the OR code, they reserve a spot in the virtual queue, and a notification is delivered to them. The customers also get real-time updates on the status in line and expected wait durations.

Customers can expect rapid assistance in plenty of languages, as well as real-time notifications and information on digital screens.

The data of visitors is freely accessible to the system administrators. Permits to combine employee and customer reports in one place.

To make the right decisions, business managers can get access to a comprehensive analytical report. Makes it easy to monitor both the Employees and clients easily.

In addition to this, Awebstar provides a QR code queuing system that utilizes the e-ticket feature and diminishes the crowd. Thus, enhancing the consumer flow. Also, it can incorporate digital signage and kiosks to enhance consumer interactions. There are multiple use cases comprising banks, retail, hospitality, healthcare, government offices, and more.

Overall, what it provides is automated software for queue management that assures reduced wait times while boosting revenue and business productivity. Thus, using this software will make the customers say goodbye to long waits and long lineups.


Qwaiting is a cloud-based queue management solution that aims to boost employee productivity, decline customer wait times, and deliver an outstanding consumer experience.

As the smart digital queueing system, Qwaiting can help achieve more than just managing customer lines and reducing wait times. The consumers can check in and wait for the services remotely. The employees can acquire the real-time data they need to offer tailored services to the consumers. Using the collected customer data also helps in making wiser company decisions.

Key Highlights

Digital Display: Qwaiting queue management system provides the information on customer count in queues. Also, it has a digital signage component and displays the length of the queue.

Notifications/SMS Alerts: Offers customized notifications for customers waiting in virtual lineups for their turn.

Analytics and Reporting: Delivers in-depth reporting that includes both real-time and historical data.

Qwaiting is also consistent with both Apple and Android smartphones, which is a huge plus.


Qless is another software type that makes it simple to manage customer queues and streamline their experience. Customers can join lines from anywhere utilizing kiosks, mobile apps, SMS messages, or the API. Businesses can easily regulate crowds with Qless. It also enables easy control of consumer expectations by providing periodic updates on expected wait times and their position in line. In addition, it provides real-time visibility into customer interaction workflows. As a result, resource management improves, and each consumer interaction is enhanced.



Implementing a good queue management system will help you please your customers. Qmatic offers solutions for businesses of all sizes, covering the most simple to the most complex needs.

Qmatic has a self-service kiosks technology that allows different enterprises to let their customers self-manage activities. These can involve anything like checking in or choosing the services. Furthermore, the information provided by the kiosks motivates the staff to do their duties with greater accuracy and individuality.

In addition to this, communicating via messaging assists in informing, engaging, and integrating correctly, minimizing overcrowding in waiting areas. Qmatic signage system blends context and content to increase customer traffic while managing the queues.


Businesses can use Skiplino’s queue management technology to manage customer lines efficiently and quickly. Combined with appointment scheduling features, it eliminates unnecessary waits. As a result, customers are less likely to depart retail outlets, banks, hospitals, and other businesses because of dissatisfaction.

It’s a cloud-based, smart customer queuing system that makes it easier to track queue statistics in real-time and compile consumer feedback. Also, it evaluates the data to enhance the effectiveness of both your employees and the business offerings.

  • Allows recording the details of customers and the type of services they wish to use.
  • You can track customer visits at multiple locations
  • The walk-in app allows the customers to book queue tickets and support SMS notifications in more than 69 languages.
  • Customers are provided with email notifications, SMS, or ticket prints.

Aside from that, the queue management system is ideal for banks and financial institutions with multiple sites in varying geographic areas. It also assists colleges, universities, and schools in effectively managing gatherings during registrations and other events.

Summing Up

Finally, you must select queue management software that includes all of the necessary features and functions. This is because your firm can only operate better if you have effective queue software. A good virtual queue management system also provides scalability and flexibility, allowing firms to manage both process and customer lines. Overall, the digital queue management system is a strong tool that can help or ruin a company’s growth. As a result, choosing the best software is a must for every business.

I Hope, you choose the finest software for handling consumer lines and satisfying business management demands from the five options listed above.