September 26, 2023

Top 8 Cities for Tech Entrepreneurs in 2023

cities for tech entrepreneurs in 2023

cities for tech entrepreneurs in 2023

You need to set a solid base for your business from day one, and one of the biggest factors in this is the city you pick to build your business up in. In order to help make your pursuits bear fruit, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 cities for tech entrepreneurs in 2023!


Texas, in general, is an amazing state for both anyone looking to start a career and people looking to build up a startup. This is because Texas has a zero percent income tax rate, and a paltry one percent corporate income tax rate. In other words, if you are looking into tax planning, then Texas is already near the very top of your list. Adding to that is all the appeal of Austin itself! And there’s lots of appeal to the city. First, it’s extremely cheap to live and purchase or rent facilities in, especially for a city its size. Second, Austin is home to a university, which means you’ll have a much easier time getting qualified and motivated employees. Finally, investors and potential employees alike flock to this city in search of opportunities. All of this convincingly makes Austin one of the best cities for tech entrepreneurs in 2023!


Denver is one of the most popular cities for tech startups in the entirety of the US due to three factors. First, it is very easy to find highly educated employees here, and more are constantly moving to this city. Second, the city has a very impressive public transport city, making it easy and convenient for employees to commute. Finally, the amenities and services that support businesses are top notch in Denver! Whether you are looking for cleaning, maintenance, professional assistance or Denver commercial movers, you can leave it to specialists and focus on running your business to the best of your ability. Of course, Denver is not as cheap as Austin. But the many opportunities and high standard of living make it well worth setting up in the city.


It should come as no real shock that another entry from Texas has made it onto the list of best cities for tech entrepreneurs in 2023. This isn’t to say, however, that Houston is merely a less desirable copy of Austin. Far from it! Houston has its own niche of specialization, and that is small businesses. While Austin is generally great for every level of doing business, it’s nowhere near as easy for a small or starting business to make it there. This is because Houston focuses on supporting its smaller businesses. It has amazing networking opportunities, funding grants, and even lots of of eager investors who are looking for new opportunities. Although it’s definitely a good idea to invest enough money into online marketing, you won’t need to cling to it as much to make it through your starting days if you set up in Houston!


Provo, Utah, is one of the more surprising entries on our list of top cities for tech entrepreneurs in 2023. It is a city that has managed to make itself appealing to tech companies big and small by virtue of its cheap cost of housing and living, a solid employee base, and a surprisingly vibrant market for investment and entrepreneurship. It also helps that the city has lots of excellent services aimed to assist business owners! As the storage experts from Homegrown Moving and Storage point out, there’s lots of amazing alternatives for business storage to be had in Provo.


If you are looking for an alternative tax haven to Texas, then you don’t need to look much further than Washington state! With the addendum that instead of net income, it is gross receipts that are taxed here. The specific tax depends on your business classification, but even then the amount hovers around zero point five percent. Which, we can all agree, is a downright amazing number. Seattle itself is a very appealing city to set up in. While it is one of the most expensive entries on our list of top cities for tech entrepreneurs in 2023, the city’s vibrant economy, standard of living and many funding opportunities more than make up for this.

Las Vegas

Now, Las Vegas may be internationally known as a city of fun and partying. But lots of people ignore the fact that it’s a thriving city for businesses that don’t deal with tourism or entertainment, too! The amount of cash flowing into the city already made it a fertile ground for all sorts of startups. However, in its attempt to move away from solely relying on tourism and entertainment, Las Vegas has laid a very solid foundation for startups and even big businesses to thrive. The city is also shockingly cheap to live and set up in once you move away from the tourist-centric parts of it. So, if cost is your concern, there’s no reason to hesitate! Las Vegas is also one of the easiest cities to secure funding and investments in, which is always a major plus.


As far as cost of living and housing goes, Miami is just about middle of the road. While it’s not the cheapest option around for a city its size, it’s hardly the most expensive one, either! What more than justifies these slightly higher costs is the average salary in Miami. It is considerably higher than in a lot of equivalent cities. This makes the local economy very strong and opens up plenty of opportunities for startups of every kind. Including, of course, the tech industry! It also helps that Miami draws in plenty of highly qualified employees who will make your life a lot easier.


Boulder, Colorado, is the final entry on our list of cities for tech entrepreneurs in 2023. Here’s an interesting fact: Boulder, for what is a relatively small city, is rather expensive to set up in. Why? Because it’s become a hub of tech and a variety of other startups. If you are interested in the latest tech trends and want to jump on the opportunity to become a leading figure in the industry, Boulder will open up a lot of opportunities for you.

Chasing your entrepreneurial dreams

With our list of the top 8 cities for entrepreneurs in 2023, you’ll be able to pick out a good hub for your activities! All of them have extremely good opportunities for growth and profit. So, in the end, it all comes down to your personal city preferences.