December 3, 2023


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Top French Speaking Countries Are Calling You!

French Speaking Countries

French Speaking Countries

Do you ever wonder how many French-speaking countries are there? Of course, you don’t. 

Well, we are glad to inform you that French is the official language of 29 countries. French is one of the six official languages in the United Nations. Thus, it is an immensely renowned language of the world. Colonialism and the slave trade had a prominent contribution to promoting the French language all over the world.
French native countries are not only known for multiculturalism but also noted for tourism and royal hospitality. These counties are well known for their diversity, culture, heritage, and values among the other countries. Several backpackers and travelers come here to experience the marvelous architecture, delicious cuisine with some fusion and generosity of locals.

In this specific section, we share the eight most famous French Speaking countries with you. Their diversity and multiculturalism attract people a lot and also make a safe destination for all. They wholeheartedly welcome solo, group, and LGBTQ travelers.

  1. Canada – A Perfect Blend of Different Culture

    When we talk about multiculturalism, Canada fulfills the requirements that a country needs. According to the data, 7 million people speak French in Canada. Quebec province is a hub of the French-speaking population. After Quebec, Montreal is the second-largest city with a French population.
    Despite the Anglo-Saxon dominance in the country, Montreal and Quebec hold a commanding grip on the French and follow their culture gracefully. With its natural beauty and worldwide famous botanical garden, and Victorian architecture, Montreal gains immense fame.

  2.    Belgium – The City of Chocolates

    French, Dutch, and German are the three official languages of Belgium. Although, English is not the primary language to speak in the country. The half population of Belgium speaks French. It is eventually impossible to avoid the French community in Belgium.
    Around 40% of the population practice French as their first language. It is globally known for its premium quality of Chocolates and exotic waffles, and beer.
    The city of chocolates and Waffles has great Art-Nouveau style architecture, sandy beaches, rich heritage values, and culinary culture that make it an ideal tourist destination.
    When you get a chance to visit the impressive and charming city, don’t forget to taste the world-famous chocolates. Many cultural events and fests such as the Ghent Festival, Ghent International Film Festival, and Ghent Jazz Festival are annually organized here for your entertainment.

  • New Caledonia – A Land of Lagoon

    New Caledonia is a famous honeymoon destination for couples with a romantic atmosphere and blue beaches. It is a French territory with dozens of islands in the south Pacific Ocean. French is the official language of New Caledonia. Thus, the majority of people speak their native dialect. It is worldwide famous for its green palm beaches and marine life-rich lagoon. For scuba diving, Grand Terre is a foremost point of attraction. Its lagoon lands are UNESCO world heritage sites. The capital of New Caledonia has authentic French restaurants and bars that serve delicious French and other international cuisines. Ouvéa beach, Upi Bay, La Poule, La Baie des Tortues are the famous regions of New Caledonia.

  • Madagascar – The Largest Island of Africa

    French is the second official language of Madagascar after Malagasy. It is a Francophone country. Madagascar is the island country and attracts attention with its crystal clear water, tropical rainforest, and the world’s rare flora and fauna. It has gained tremendous recognition due to its rich marine life, lush green forests, distinct biodiversity, and World Famous Baobab trees.
    Madagascar island provides its tourists an unforgettable experience with its Malagasy cuisines. Malagasy cuisine is influenced by European, Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian, and African traditions. This kind of multiculturalism attracts visitors. Nosy Be island is one of the chief points of attraction for its eye-catchy snake trees and beaches with blue shade.

  • Romania – The Land of Dracula

    The population of Romania is around 19 million and, approx 5 million population is French-speaking. It is not an official language here but is widely taught in school as a foreign language. Romania is a confluence of eastern, central, and Southeastern Europe. Mamaia is a popular summer attraction in Romania with exotic beaches and crazy nightlife.
    Romania is the most biogeographically diverse country in the European region. It has snow-capped mountains and green hills covered with vineyards and forest. Among all French-speaking countries, Romania is different because of its rich natural resources and picturesque landscapes. Its diverse culture catches the attention of numerous travelers from all around the world.

  • Senegal -Gateway to Africa

    Senegal is an African city with widely spoken French people. In Senegal, French enjoys the seat of the official language. During the 19th century, French diplomats increased their colonial power in Senegal. As a result, the number of French speakers increased rapidly. In 1960, Senegal got independence and adopted French as their official language.
    This African country has a diverse nature with the great influence of French, African, Dutch, and Asian culture. Its diversity makes it a unique and most desirable destination among international and domestic tourists. The tropical climate of the region makes it more beautiful and full of visitors. Goree Island has been a world-known island and UNESCO world heritage site since 1978. For nature admirers and wildlife lovers, Saloum Delta National Park is a perfect place with natural beauty and different species of animals and plants. It covers 760 thousand square kilometers of land.

  • France – Land of Romance

    France is a top-notch destination among all age groups. There is an ease of access with the frequently running flights between France and other countries. Thus, it increases the number of visitors every year. France is the perfect blend of historical and advanced architecture. Its amazing nightlife makes it more valuable for visitors. The monuments of Paris and picturesque castles are classic examples of artistic creation. You can explore Paris to the core with meticulously curated France vacation packages and bask in the glory of this beautiful city and many other marvels the country has to offer.

  • Rwanda – The Land of Thousand Hills

    Rwanda is another French-speaking country in Africa. Colonialism had a huge influence on the life and culture of Rwanda. As a result, the French left a great impression and became the prominent language in Rwanda. For French speakers, Rwanda is suited very well because French is a widely spoken language here.
    It has numerous tourist destinations that attract millions of tourists, both French and non-French speaking people. Nyungwe Forest National Park, Akagera National Park, and Ethnographic Museum of Rwanda are some of the most visited places in Rwanda. 

Wrapping Words

Basically, French-speaking countries are the most beautiful countries to visit. These all countries have gorgeous landscapes, fantastic weather conditions, and are open for all. Experience the astonishing culture, rich heritage values, and finger-licking cuisines in French countries.
So, what are you waiting for?  Don’t waste your precious time, pack your bags, and get ready to explore the different French cultures with some fine fusion.