December 9, 2023


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Top templates of Kissflow Workflow

kissflow workflow

kissflow workflow

Kissflow workflow: A template is a file that has already been formatted and can be used for any document. Templates also exist in workflows in pre-structured format and sequence of tasks that apply to several business applications. The advantage of using a template is that, instead of creating your files from scratch, you can use them to save time and simplify the process.

The Kissflow Workflow software has an impressive collection of over 200 templates that you can use according to your business requirements. 

Why do you need a template?

Having a template for business processes allows you to streamline operations in an organization. When you have defined templates, you are saved from the inconvenience of creating a document from the very beginning. All you have to do is fill the mentioned fields and carry the process forward. 

A well-created template should define the roles and responsibilities of the users involved in the process. It should elaborate on the various types of data required and predict the outcome created by the process. Some of the things a business process can include are checklists, forms, process maps, screenshots, attached files, and tutorials. 

Most popular templates in Kissflow Workflow

There are six primary categories across which the popular templates are spread: human resources, procurement, finance, sales, customer support, admin & ops. 

Here’s a look at the top ones amongst them. 

Human Resources 

Any business must have an automated HR process because of the numerous benefits, including greater productivity, reduction in employee turnover, avoiding policy violations, and making intelligent business decisions with insightful reports. 

The templates available for human resources workflows are training feedback, internal job application, interview feedback, performance appraisal, and employee loan request. 

Other templates provided by Kissflow Workflow are employee expense claim, performance bonus, new hire request, employee feedback, talent recruitment, employee referral, access request, employee onboarding, employee offboarding, and training request. 

Benefits of HR Templates

Each of the HR templates is beneficial in its way. For instance, the training feedback template makes collecting feedback from training much quicker, easier, and more efficient. It also enables the various HR teams to improve multiple aspects of their training. 

For instance, the employee expense claim helps you track their expenses and gather the essential information for reimbursement processes. And, with internal job applications, you can streamline the applications submitted by your employees for internal job opportunities. Automation also makes the entire hiring process easier by allowing employees to manage approvals from a single console. 


A procurement team comprises a group of specialists employed in an organization who offer various services to all participants involved in the project. The participants are primarily interested in purchasing materials and supplies necessary for project implementation. 

Some of their other job functions include negotiation, sourcing, contracting, monitoring suppliers’ performance, following all business protocols, and using technology to enhance procurement. 

With the Kissflow Workflow procurement template, you can simplify all the approval processes with the help of a centralized portal. The templates available are advance payment, purchase request, vendor registration, and purchase order.

Benefits of Procurement Templates

Your accounts team can efficiently and quickly maintain a vendor database, store and track purchase requests, and even organize advance payments with the advance payment template. Also, purchase requests allow employees to make purchases on behalf of the company. 

The employees’ task is also made more accessible as they have to fill out the request and item details and get it approved by their manager. Vendor enrollment is a crucial process since it involves the thorough evaluation of vendors before hiring them. Automating the process makes obtaining the required information and documents easier, resulting in faster approval.


The finance team runs almost anything that involves money and transactions, and in doing so, receives paper forms and tons of emails daily. 

Kissflow Workflow makes it easy to manage the process. Templates available for your organization’s finance department are travel request, accounts receivable, petty cash request, contract renewal, CAPEX request, marketing budgeting, advance payment, and employee expenses claim. 

In addition, purchase bid, accounts payable, freelancer payment, purchase order, corporate gift request, travel reimbursement, corporate card request, and budget transfer request are other templates available.

Benefits of Finance Templates

If your organization requires the employees to do a lot of traveling, it’s vital to make the travel request approvals easier, quicker, and more efficient. Kissflow enables your employees to submit travel reimbursement requests and secure approvals from any part of the world. 

The accounts receivable template ensures that the team responsible for it can easily maintain credit applications, collect timely payments, and have a healthy cash flow at all times. With advance payment, your team can track invoices and raise requests besides obtaining an audit trail of actions and ensuring internal approvals are in place.


The sales team must spend a considerable amount of time coordinating with the accounts receivable team to secure the approval of sales invoices. The slightest error can become a significant issue for the salesperson and the company. However, automating the entire invoice approval process allows you to eliminate manual errors and weak interactions or misunderstandings between the two teams. 

The templates that are offered by Kissflow and are incredibly beneficial for the sales team are contract renewal, NDA request, RFP approval, lead qualification, sales pipeline, and sales quotation.

Benefits of Sales Templates

The automation of the contract renewal process enables your company’s legal team to proactively review contracts, ensure better decision making, and manage documents. The lead qualification template allows them to identify the right audience and enhance the conversions. 

Automation of the sales pipeline will help the sales team optimize customer touchpoints, eliminate roadblocks and obstructions, and increase sales performance. An optimum sales pipeline will lead to its long-term growth and longevity. 

The sales quotation template is also crucial because it helps the sales team review and manage essential documents to win deals. Automation is also necessary for the RPF approval process as it enables you to shortlist suppliers and select those that can fulfill your requirements.  Kissflow workflow

With the help of the Kissflow Workflow templates, the various departments in your company can ensure that the several processes are streamlined and efficient. An automated business process leads to greater productivity, time savings, minimizes errors, and provides great employee and customer satisfaction.