September 27, 2023

Types of Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are beverages that help fulfill the body’s water and electrolytes requirements after heavy training and sports. They are used particularly after exercise. They usually contain sweeteners and preservatives as well. They contain minerals such as sodium, chloride, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Sports drinks are extremely necessary during exercise because solo intake of water may not fulfill the electrolytes requirement instead it can decrease your electrolyte balance and may result in water intoxication. Thus, drinking the right drink that your body needs are necessary. Sports drinks must not be mixed with sparkling drinks like sparkling ice, which falls in a different category. Some important sports drinks are Gatorade, Accelerate, and Powerade. They are mainly of three types. Different types of drinks are needed to fuel us differently during exercise.


Contain a similar concentration of salt and sugar as in the human body. Most drinks are isotonic having between 4 and 5 heap teaspoons of sugar in 5 ounces, 13-19 grams/250 ml servings. When we run and we sweat, we lose water and we lose salt as well so we can replace it with an isotonic drink. It is basically made with lots of water with a pinch of salt and fruit squash. You can use isotonic drinks to replace lost fluids when exercising for over by an hour. They are the most common types of sports drinks. They are the same as energy drinks or efforts drinks.


Contain a high concentration of salt and sugar as in the human body. For a long run or over an hour run, we need hypertonic sugars to replace what’s lost in our muscles. They can be used alongside isotonic drinks, so when we’re losing sweat and water, we can go for isotonic drinks but when we’re running out of energy, we must go for hypertonic drinks to replace sugar lost from our muscle storage. It is also really good when we finished exercising to eradicate muscle-related problems such as muscle soreness afterward. They fulfill daily sodium and carbohydrates requirements and top-up glycogen storages.


Hypertonic sports drinks contain a low concentration of salt and sugar as in the human body. It is used for less intense activities, So, when people are doing short-burst activities, gymnasts or jockeys, it just needs a bit of water. Gymnasts preferably use these to restore their energy levels as this one is without carbohydrates boost.

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