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convertidor: It has been a struggle for many people worldwide to handle tons of electronic files many years ago. It’s because they didn’t have easy access to any computer software to help them do the job or needed assistance from a computer professional, but it would cost them more money. Nowadays, different websites continue to grow in number to give people free services and file tools. 

One online platform on the internet that has gained trust and confidence from many electronic file users around the world for years is PDFBear. It has various online tools available on its official website that you can use 100% free and safe. Here’s a list of web-based tools of PDFBear that will significantly help you handle your files most easily and conveniently. 

Electronic File Converter -convertidor

The PDFBear file conversion tool offers you different ways of converting your files. If you wish to preserve the integrity of your Word documents, you may convert Word to PDF. You can also do the same thing with your Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Besides that, you can also transform your JPG and HTML files into a PDF format. 

You can visit the PDFBear official website and check other file formats that are available for conversions. Nothing to worry about because the process is entirely trouble-free and uncomplicated. After uploading your files on the PDFBear online tool, the system will start the quick conversion procedure that will finish in a matter of a few minutes.  

PDF File Merge Tool

This next web-based PDFBear tool is commonly used for an effective way of PDF file organization. The tool will combine multiple PDFs and save them in one PDF file. With this particular tool, you can classify all of your PDF files in your file drive and merge them together in a specific category. 

For example, work-related PDFs can be in one PDF file. If you’re still studying at school, you can merge PDF files you use in the same subject or those taken in the same term or school year. You can also do the same thing with the files you use for business purposes. If you’re also fond of reading electronic Books, combining those eBooks with the same genre will help you quickly find whatever book you want to read.

Password PDF Protect

Setting up a password is the best way to keep your PDF files safe from any possibilities of unwanted file access and unauthorized use of information. To do this, you can use the specialized PDF password protection tool of PDFBear for free. Just provide a secure and personalized password, which is strong enough that no one can easily decode it. 

Unlock PDF Tool Online

As previously mentioned, a password will make your PDF files safe from any file access of unauthorized users. However, if these files don’t have any valuable and sensitive information, setting up a password seems unnecessary. When you also frequently forget the password every time you open your encrypted PDF files, removing it seems to be a better idea that you might consider. 

When you’ve finally removed the password, you can use the unlock PDF tool of PDFBear. The process is also quick and easy, just like the other online tools of PDFBear. Hence, you’ll surely enjoy the convenience of accessing your PDF files moving forward because you don’t need to provide any passwords anymore. 

e-Sign PDF Online Tool

You might have noticed that some documents you use for any legal matters mostly need a signature for validity and authenticity purposes. It could be property titles, job contracts, loan applications, and many others. You can simply write your signature with a pen when you use printed materials. However, it seems to be infeasible when using PDF files. 

Worry no more because there’s a specialized online tool of PDFBear that you may use for free in adding your signature on your PDF files. You may use your computer’s touchpad to manually write down your signature or make use of the computer mouse instead. You can also upload an image form of your signature, if you have any, on the PDFBear e-Sign PDF tool. 

After that, the system will save the changes you’ve made and attach the signature in your PDF files. Within a few minutes, you can download the recently signed files to your computer file drive. 


The list of web-based tools above is a few of those available that you can find on the PDFBear official website. Therefore, if you haven’t tried using any of these or have different struggles with file management and organization, always make the PDFBear platform your number one source of help to handle your electronic files most effectively and efficiently. Use it for all your document needs and you’ll never have to look for other tools.

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