Verizon’s new discount-Students can save up to $ 25 a month



The offers apply only to subscribers on an unlimited basis verizon

Verizon is one of the biggest names in the game when it comes to wireless networks in the United States. The company recently launched new options for prepaid plans and has just launched its own credit card. The carrier recently announced plans for some new student discounts, and today these offers are live.

With the new discount, students save $ 10 a month on a single unlimited line. For only to subscribers with two unlimited lines and the savings can be increased upto $ 25 a month as of now , which is not bad. Customers have access to Verizon’s unlimited benefits such as Disney + and Apple Music .

The discount applies only to Verizon members who subscribe to one of the company’s unlimited plans. The student who qualifies for the discount must be the account administrator / owner. One discount can be applied to a single account. As long as the student remains enrolled and checks his status every year, the discount can take up to four years.

Students find it quite difficult these days as the cost of accommodation, tuition and textbooks increases. Ten dollars a month may not be much, but everything helps, especially if Verizon’s unlimited plans are still expensive and confusing.

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