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Want to Delete Saved Mac Passwords – Here are the Steps

How to Delete Saved Mac Passwords

How to Delete Saved Mac Passwords

How to Delete Saved Mac Passwords: If you are one of the users who want to delete their Mac passwords or you can also say want to clear Mac passwords then you are at the right place. Here in this article we will be answering this question so that you can delete your passwords and then use Mac just the way you want to.

Storing of the Mac Passwords

The first thing the users must know is where exactly the passwords of the Mac are saved and so that you can easily go for ‘show me my password’. Whenever you login to any of the website or any other network, app, server or update anything or create anything the Mac asks the users to remember or save the password or not and usually if it is out device we intent to save the passwords so that you do not need to enter the password again whenever you want to login again.

All your passwords get saved in the Keychain access which is a feature provided by the password management of Apple. Key chains contain several types of data of yours like –

  • Passwords
  • Wireless networks
  • Private keys
  • Secure notes
  • Certificates

Keychain is a handy tool which can be used by the users very easily where you can save all your passwords which will further save you the hassle to remember all your passwords to save your time as well as energy and you can visit here to solve your problem of how to remove the password.

Steps to Delete the Passwords of the Mac –

Now let us get to the main part of the article which is to solve your problem of deleting passwords from a web browser so here are the steps by following which you can delete the saved password and your problem will be solved.

  1. First of all you must launch the Keychain access app so that you can further select the passwords from the top of the screen which you can scroll through out the page and then find the passwords which you need to remove or which you want to delete.
  2. Now in the next step you have to select the passwords which you want to delete and then after selecting you have to right click and hit the delete button to delete the passwords.
  3. You would see a prompt where you have to enter the password of the system to complete the procedure.
  4. Instead of deleting the password the users can also try to hide saved passwords on Mac so that no one can see it and they are protected and secure.

Steps to Delete Specific Details from the Passwords –

  1. When you open the Keychain app you will have to look for the specific password which you wish to modify and once you find it move to the next step.
  2. In this step you have to double click on it until you see a pop-up window in front of you on the screen.
  3. Now in the next step you have to change the details or you can also say the password itself for future use.
  4. Later on in the last step the users will see a prompted box to modify the password and then you have to click on the save changes option to update the changes.

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