September 26, 2023

What Are The 5 Best Candle Subscription Boxes 2023?

Candle Subscription Boxes

Candle Subscription Boxes

Candle Subscription Boxes: The soothing effect of candles has an effect all around the house. Also, they add beauty to your interior while at the same time enhancing your home’s aroma. A warm, relaxing atmosphere can be created by adding coziness and soothing colors to the space. 

The majority of us enjoy candles, but it’s hard to go to the store to buy them. Choosing a candle brand that fits your taste can be a challenge. For those who want something that does all the hard work for them, candle subscription boxes are a great option. You receive candles right to your door as part of a candle subscription box. 

I think this is a great option when the winter season gets closer, but it would be a great pick any time of the year. Your home will have a pleasant aroma throughout the entire year when you use them. There are many great candle subscription boxes that you can choose from, whether you are choosing it for yourself, a loved one, or a friend.

Below you can find a selection of subscription boxes for candles, so you can browse to your heart’s content. You’ll also receive information about the candles, as well as pampering kits and little gifts.


Vellabox is a popular option for those who want eco-friendly and artisan candles delivered to their doorstep every month. In the United States, these candle makers collaborate with small manufacturers. 

Only soy, coconut, or vegetable wax goes into their phthalate-free fragranced candles. Vellabox is the ideal candle option if you wish to avoid petroleum-derived paraffin waxes. You can choose from a 4 oz. with a 25-hour burning time, 8 oz with a 50-hour burning time, or 16 oz with an 80-hour burning time. There are discounts available for pre-paid subscriptions of six and twelve months.

Each box contains a candle made by one of the featured artists, along with a lifestyle product packaged with reusable materials. Each box features a different theme, featuring unique candle packaging ideas.

There have been lip balms, cookie cutters, loofahs, and many other surprises in the past. There aren’t many highlights to this add-on, but the excitement of opening each package is worth the price.


There are no lead wicks in Wickbox candles, and the wax is of high quality. You can recycle your candle’s trendy seasonal container to decorate your home. It’s not always the same thing that appeals to everyone. You’ll receive handpicked candles based on your taste.

You need to let them know about the types of scents you find appealing, such as flowers, fruits, or tropicals. However, there are many other fragrance families to consider, including herbal and sweet scents, such as vanilla and ginger. 

In addition to a monthly, quarterly, or six-month subscription, there is also the option of a 12-month subscription.  There is a single candle in the medium box that will burn for 30-60 hours and a candle with a burn time of 60-100 hours in the large box.


With Keap, you can receive the company’s product line direct to you every month.For around $40 per candle, including shipping, Keap delivers candles on a monthly, quarterly, or biannual basis at a discounted rate. 

The brand offers subscribers the option of receiving seasonal candles or the same scent each month from its catalog. You can select scents like Waves, with notes of sea salt, aniseed, and mussel.

An information card explaining the seasonal scent comes with each candle package. In addition, each new seasonal scent comes with a tea light.

A coconut-based wax is used in Keap’s candles, so they burn cleanly and sustainably. It is also possible to reuse the candles’ containers for whiskey cups. In addition to recycling candle containers, this company keeps its packaging completely plastic-free.

Yankee Candle

Despite its low prestige and lack of long-lasting burn, Yankee Candles may not match luxury candle brands, but it is a great value for a candle subscription box.

There will be three candle jars in your box, each featuring a unique smell, to fill your home with fragrance every day.

There are three categories of fragrances: grove and orchard, linen and leaf, and spice and petals. Your initial scent selection is set by a quick quiz, but you can change your mind later. Your subscription may end or pause if you have ample burn time remaining.

Anecdote Candles

In that store, you’ll be able to find candles carefully hand-crafted, blending scents from around the world, and made popular by a wide variety of cultures.

Soy wax candles with cotton wicks are the most popular because they burn evenly and release a pleasant aroma every time they burn.

To create a powerful scent throw and clean burning experience, they use a custom coconut-soy wax blend. The fragrances comply with strict IFRA standards and are free of phthalates. They solely rely on domestic suppliers for their raw materials. Since they want to minimize their green footprint, they prefer to work with suppliers on the East Coast.