December 3, 2023


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What Are The Best Sports Streaming Platform For Sports Fans In Canada?

candy hulu

candy hulu

Sports are one of the best ways to entertain our life. In Canada, sports events are the name of a craze. That’s why watching all the sports events in Canada is a big deal for all sports fans. 

The time of watching sports events on cable is not gone yet. Sports streaming platforms are getting popular because of their cost-effectiveness. 

Most of the leading streaming services in Canada offer live and on-demand access to the event directly. Because of its popularity, lots of sports streaming platforms like Hulu cover some sports events. That’s why viewers opt to stream Hulu  in Canada.

Still, you need to know about the best sports streaming platforms. We are going to discuss some of these below. 

Which Sports Streaming Service Offers Best Sports Events in Canada?

Canada is a country where sports streaming services are easy to get. That’s why the user gets confused about which platform is best to enjoy sports. We made a list of the best sports streaming services in Canada. Here are some details about it. 


Dazn launched in 2018. It is pronounced as Da Zone. This platform is dedicated to offering services from MMA, MLB, and Boxing. It plays a vital role in making the fighting game popular in Canada. Yes, it covers more than 100 fights a year, which is a milestone for Dazn. 

As these services get older, the content is getting wider. Now, DAZN is offering more than 8000 sports events. Not all of them are related to boxing and MMA. There are now variations in events. 

Now, you can stream cricket, rugby, UEFA Europa League, NFL, NH1, NBA, and many more. The best thing is, Dazn allows you to stream events on almost every device like mobile, laptop, Apple TV, Roku, etc. 

To get a free month’s trial before a subscription, you can try Dazn. Don’t miss the biggest fight of the season. 

NBA League Pass

Some sports channels are dedicated to specific types of sports. NBA League Pass is just like that. It is for basketball fans. If you are one of them, then this channel is for you. Because it includes all the live and on-demand events for the fan. 

Everything related to basketball is here. Enjoy press conferences, audio broadcasting, repays (full-game), exclusive interviews, events, and many more on this platform. 

Fubo TV

Soccer Fans are happy with Fubo TV. Yes, this platform is best for streaming soccer matches like Coppa Italian and Serie A Matches. The best part is, all these matches are streaming in English. Isn’t it amazing for soccer fans? 

Besides sports programs, Fubo TV is also offering other entertainment programs. That means this platform is the best alternative to a cable-like sports viewing experience. 

Sportsnet Now

Do you need a digital hub for various sports? Then Sportsnet Now is the best option for you. It lets you access different games. 

Sportsnet Now accessible for many events like NBA, MLB, WWE, NHL, CHL, and many more. It also comes with original content including some live-streaming shows. 

With two types of subscription, residents of Canada can get the service of Sportsnet Now. One is Premium Level for all the league games and the second one is the regular level for essential league games. 

NHL Live

NHL live stream hockey events. It is the platform where a Canadian hockey fan gets every event of hockey. NHL live not only streams national events, but it is also best for regional hockey games. 

A subscriber of this platform also can enjoy all the hockey events that Canadian television does not show. On top of that, NHL live allows the user to watch on-demand hockey games in abundance. 


Keep your eyes on every baseball team or a single team in the tournament. MLB.TV will help you to do that. This platform is dedicated to team baseball events. The best side is, it covers live out-of-the-market games. That means it allows you to stream local baseball games as well. 


This sports streaming service is from India. It is very popular to stream different types of sports events. From the beginning of its journey, Hotstar started to stream the Indian Premier League (IPL). It streams sports in many languages. 

Right now, Hotstar has 100000+ hours of sports content for the subscribers. It is focused on covering major sports events. 


Sports streaming service is here, especially in Canada to meet all of your sports needs. Canada is a hub of the sports streaming platform. A Canadian user can have more than one option to choose the best platform to watch sports events. 

They can even choose the platform based on the types of sports. Yes, some platforms are dedicated to specific sports. It does not matter if you love football, baseball, hockey, boxing, or cricket. Streaming platforms in Canada are always ready to serve you. 

So, choose the platform, according to your preference, and enjoy the sports event at any time in Canada.