September 21, 2023

What are the Certifications required with translated documents to ICA?

ica peruica watershed

ica peruica watershed

The necessary paperwork must be supplied when you apply for a visa, permanent residency, or permission to work or study in Singapore. If the papers are not in English, one of the criteria is that a translated copy of the document is supplied together with the original and it can be done using the ICA translation service.

Three distinct forms of certificates are needed when submitting a translated document to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA):

  • Accuracy Certificate.
  • Authentication Certificate.
  • Notarial Certificate.

Certified translation – A certified translation is one that is accompanied by a signed declaration stating that it is accurate and comprehensive to the best of the translator’s knowledge and abilities, according to the American Translators Association (ATA).

This implies that if you are a qualified translator or a legitimate translation agency, you may “certify” the translation. Be it a USCIS translation or any other type of language translation related to visa documents, work papers, permanent residency or immigration files, it has to be done by an agency that provides accurate and certified translation services, in the US, Canada or in any other country where one is migrating to.

Certificate of Accuracy – A certified translation is a translation performed by a qualified translation entity (translator or translation firm) that guarantees the following to the recipient of the translation:

That the translation accurately and faithfully conveys the meaning of the original text. That a translator proficient in both languages used in the translation is performing it. The translated document will be accompanied by a Certificate of Translation Accuracy from the translation agency attesting that the translation was done expertly and that it is a true, comprehensive, and accurate reproduction of the information in the original document.

A Certificate of Translation Accuracy from a reputable translation agency with a widely accepted standard would be sufficient in the majority of cases. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the Singapore Police Force (SPF), the Registration of Marriage (ROM), the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), and other government organizations are included in this.

However, one of the three credentials needed when submitting your translated document to the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority is just the Certificate of Translation Accuracy.

What conditions must a translated document meet in order to be submitted to the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA)?

Documents that are not in English must be translated, according to the Explanatory Notes posted on the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) website.

The following are accepted by Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA):

(I)Translations are offered by the consulate of the nation that issued the document.

(ii) Translations made by a notary public from Singapore or the nation where the document will be issued.

(iii) Privately produced translations notarized by a notary public in Singapore or the nation where the document was issued, or certified by the embassy of the country where the document was issued.

The most popular way to prepare your translated papers for submission to the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority is option (iii) to (ICA).

You can have your papers translated by a reputable translation agency, authenticated by the embassy, or notarized by a Singapore notary public for Option (iii). The issue is that not every embassy will certify translations of paperwork produced by independent translation agencies. The next best choice would be to take your translated document to be notarized by a notary public.

What is a Notarial Certification?

A certified translation that has been notarized in full by a notary public is known as a notarized translation.

A notary public witnesses and signs a notarial certificate with an official ribbon and seal, officiating the document. Only a Notary Public is authorized to notarize documents, which is the process of approving a document.

The ICA defines official translations as those that have been notarized by Singapore Notary Publics or certified/attested by the pertinent Embassies. Your translations must be certified by translation agencies in order to be notarized by the majority of notary’s public.

Authentication certification 

All papers that call for notarization must be certified by the Singapore Academy of Law as of Tuesday, The SAL is making this effort to improve document integrity and avoid instances of forged notarial and authentication certificates. The Authentication Certification attests to both the legitimacy of the signer’s signature and their legal authority to sign the public document. the name of the seal or stamp that the public document, where applicable, carries.

The authentication of a notarial certificate can only be done by SAL.

The Authentication Certificate is one of three certificates that should not be overlooked when submitting your translated papers to ICA, together with the Certificate of Translation Accuracy and the Notarial Certificate.

Just keep in mind that choosing a translation service provider will give you a sense of surety. By utilizing Wordsburg Translations as your Translation Company you can be confident that your work will be completed perfectly and accurately. After the job is over, we double-check every one of our translated files. 


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