What Blocks Cell Phone Signal and How Can it Be Improved?

cell phone signal

cell phone signal

A mobile subscriber has to connect to the cell phone tower to make or receive calls. It means if the connectivity between the mobile and the tower is hindered due to any reason, the subscriber will face challenges in making calls.

What Causes Obstruction to Cell Phone Signal?

The signals coming from the tower connects the one user to the other. Signals between the cell towers and the devices work in the same way as the two-way radio. When the user speaks on the phone, voice is converted to a signal. It is transmitted like the radio waves to the nearest cell tower. The tower changes the radio wave back to sound. But there are many obstructions which can affect the calling and receiving.

Consumption of Bandwidth

The more apps user runs the more bandwidth it needs. When the apps are not closed, and they continue to run in the background, they eat up bandwidth and the signal. Free apps often run ads which consumes a lot of bandwidth. Furthermore, the notifications from the apps also drain the signal. These factors cause adverse effect to the cell phone signals.

Natural Obstacles

Sometimes when you are travelling or in a location where there are mountains and high trees, or even bad weather can block the signals. If the phone is located away from the tower, the cell signals may not be able to reach properly. Cell phone signal boosters are used in such areas to increase the availability of cell signals.

Glasses and Windows

When cell phone users are not able to get the signal or drop the calls inside of the building, it seems obvious to move near the window. The reason is that the obstruction caused by the glass will be less as compared to the concrete. The low-emission glass that is used in many green buildings repels the cell signal and prevent it from coming into the building.

Network Traffic

We often assume that we are the only cellular subscriber. However, millions of users are trying to access the same network that we are. In densely populated areas the number is even high. When they are using different apps, the network may get clogged. For instance, if you are trying to send an email during a conference going on, and the mail could not be sent, it is due to the large number of people accessing the same bandwidth available.

Fibreglass Blocking

While most of us know that concrete, steel, brick, and woodblock the cell signals, it may be useful to know that the fibreglass, is also something that impedes the signals. While the fibreglass insulation is not incredibly dense as compared to the other materials, it still contains the substances which weaken the signal when they pass through it. Like the way it keeps the heat and cold in, it’s also good at keeping the cell signal out.

How Can It be Boosted?

If you are getting low signals, you are not alone. Thankfully, even in the areas of poor reception, the cell signals can be improved. Cell phone signal boosters work with strong cell signals to capture and amplify it in certain areas. The boosters can be installed wherever the signal needs to be improved. It can search for signals and amplify them many times over. You can get a cell signal booster for your home or vehicle as the need arises.


There are many signal boosters in the market. However, choose the one that meets the requirements of device supported and amplification offered.

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