What Document Shredding are & Facts About It

document shredding

document shredding

A document shredding is a process of destroying the documents after it is used or is of no use after a certain point of time. Companies & business houses like to use document shredding for security purposes, especially to save the documents from identity thieves & fraudsters. It becomes difficult for them to get hands-on with those documents after document shredding is done.

Identity theft is believed to be one of the largest growing crimes in the cyber world. This is a whopping 50 billion dollar industry in America itself. And document shredding services can help companies to contribute to the underworld web market. Bad document services can put any business firm & its staff at risk. The business owner can use a large document shredding service for everyone in the firm to use, or they can assign different document shredding services for different employees to use individually.

Document shredding services have been there for a while now. Here are a few facts one should know before investing in document shredding services.

Recycling Is Not Private Property

This may sound funny & strange but discarded papers are considered public property. Since the discarded documents are not private property, it can be searched without any legal warrant. And anybody can take any information from those discarded documents. This can result in bad consequences for business houses. In the case of sensitive information, the consequences can be even more fatal. The thieves can easily trespass to the accessible documents or shredded papers and take these with them, and no legal step can be taken against them.

Document Shredding is Cheaper

Well, this is true that document shredding is cheaper than in-house shredding. Simple paper shredding can cost a fortune every time the companies or business houses go for that. However, it costs a lot lesser if any company uses an industrial-sized shredding machine for document shredding purposes. Plus it saves a lot of time for the staff who is assigned to do such work. Document shredding services that are reputed in the market will charge amounts by the weight of the papers that will be shredded. This can adversely cause damage to the company by letting clients suffered if the process causes any information breach.

On-Site Shredding is a Better Option

Documents shredding services are of two types, on-site shredding services & off-site shredding services. And experts claim that onsite shredding is a better option than the offside one. In the case of offsite shredding services, a company will pick up the documents & shred the documents on a designated site. Meanwhile, few people are assigned to sort the documents to know which ones can be recycled. In such a scenario, there is a high chance of an information breach. On the other hand, on-site document shredding is much more reliable & safer than off-site ones. As the receptacles that carry the document are destroyed immediately after unloading from the truck, it is considered a safer option. It is even encouraged to watch the destroying process to give the owner relief that the documents are destroyed.

Use a Professional Company

Using a professional company will be much safer & wiser as it will keep the company or business house compliant. Professional & reputed document shredding companies are certified by the local or central government. This means they have to abide by the law & have to be compliant with all the regulations to be certified. This will not only ensure a smooth destruction process of your document but also not let your document to be breached. Owners can get much relief after knowing that their sensitive information will not be breached, also they will not face any legal issues regarding the shredding service or breach of documents. So, it may seem that it is an expensive process to hire or pay a reputed firm for a mere shredding service. But it saves a lot of costs for the future.

Go for Mobile Shredding

Now, if you have a large number of documents. It will take several hours or several days for your staff to sort all of these & go for a shredded service. Mobile shredding can be done so quickly that it will complete the process in a jiffy compared to a manual process. Moreover, it will save you from hassle or any kind of data breach & a lot of costs.

These are few facts regarding document shredding that companies or large business houses want you to know before you go for document shredding services for your own company.

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