August 23, 2023

What does istg mean on snapchat ?

What does istg mean on snapchat

What does istg mean on snapchat

What does istg mean on snapchat: Uh oh, did someone simply textual content you an acronym and you haven’t any concept what they may be trying to mention? We’ve got all been there, especially for those born before the age of social media who are trying to hold up with the in no way-finishing Gen Z slang.

U.S.A. These days is breaking down commonplace acronyms and slang terms and we may not will let you fall behind the times. Right here’s what “ISTG” way and how you may use it on your next text trade.

What does ‘ISTG’ suggest?

“ISTG” stands for “I swear to God,” an acronym typically used to specific the seriousness of a state of affairs or guarantee you are no longer joking whilst sharing a surprising truth.

“I swear to God” is not just texting slang – it is used in regular conversations to emphasise the truth to hand. It’s no longer typically utilized in a spiritual context, despite the faith-primarily based connotation. The word is also used casually with substitutions like “I swear on my life.”

When a person uses an “I swear” phrase (acronym or not) they want you to take their word as gospel – pun meant.

Reference: ISTG

A way to use ‘ISTG’

  • Right here’s a way to use “ISTG” with buddies, family or in TikTok feedback:
  • “She asked him out after exercise, ISTG i’m now not lying.”
  • “you’re so traumatic ISTG.”
  • “ISTG in the event that they kill off my favored man or woman this season…”
  • “David and Zuhair are so lovable collectively, my heart is going to blow up ISTG.”

What does TTM mean on Snapchat?

TTM is an acronym that frequently stands for ‘talk To Me.’ If a person sends you this term on Snapchat, they’ll be encouraging you to start or hold a communique with them. You’ll maximum in all likelihood see this term used in direct messages, however it can additionally be utilized in public tales.
This term is used, not simply on Snapchat, however on different platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, fb, and greater too.

What does PU imply on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, PU generally stands for ‘Pop Up.’ Asking a person to pop up means that you are asking them to send you a message or begin a conversation, so that you’ll regularly see it utilized in humans’s stories.

What does NRS imply on Snapchat?

NRS typically stands for ‘No Replies’ on Snapchat. This is regularly used as a manner to let human beings recognize that you received’t be responding to Snaps for a period of time, whether that’s due to the fact you don’t have any net, or due to the fact you simply don’t want to. This abbreviation can also take the form of just NR.


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