Anusib : Nude images of women are being traded, gathered, and shared at an alarming pace
without their agreement. However, unlike revenge porn, it is not a crime. Anusib is a site for sharing pornographic photographs, and the sharing and exchange of those adult images is occasionally done without consent. Anusib is a pornographic image forum where anyone can publish photos and anonymous remarks.

The Golden Rules, according to

  • Anusib is a platform for imageboards, not a media publisher.
  • Do not upload any content that may contain kids under the age of 18 or any content
  • that may contain problematic content that may contain minors under the age of 18!
  • (This includes photographs that aren’t nude.)
  • Do not upload any content that is against the law in your jurisdiction.
  • This website does not serve as a platform for any unlawful activities.
  • Personal information should not be posted or requested (“dox”).

It is completely banned to post any external links (URLs), including private trading
(giving out your user id for offsite contact). There will be no spamming, flooding, or phishing.

To use this website, you must be at least 18 years old. Even with these laws in place, there are many violators and criminals who upload photos of women without their permission. Anusib, or AnonIB
as it is more often known, was shut down in 2018 owing to the unlawful selling of graphic images of people. It’s making a resurgence now, and we’re hoping that no more revenge porn will be released on this site, which is impossible.

“It’s one of most humiliating forms of personal image abuse that we’ve ever seen,”
” Zara Ward, a senior hotline practitioner at RPH, said in an interview with The Guardian.
Women are prized possessions to be shared, exchanged, and passed around like a dystopian
version of Pokémon. We don’t always know how these people got the photos in the first place
— it may be ex-boyfriends, pals, or hackers – but this isn’t a place where women would
willingly submit themselves.In the comments, all we see is women being objectified, insulted, and exposed in a constant and violent manner.”

Every day, receives 21 unique visitors and 214 page views. is worth $3,124 USD on the internet. Each visitor visits approximately 10.70 pages on average.

Anusib is rated 95,504th in the world, according to Alexa traffic estimations. WebRate is unable to detect the countries from where the traffic originates or whether the distance has an impact on the page load time because the server is located in the United States. The.NET framework’s top-level domain is According to the most current verification findings done on November 30, 2020,
it has an expired SSL certificate granted by CloudFlare, Inc., which expires on August 16, 2021.

According to WebRate, is a dubious domain.

Accidental Nude, Celebs, Camwhoring, Creepshots/Candid, Camwhoring (paid),
Pregnant, Teen 18+, Traps, Peeping Toms, Wincest, and Rate my Wife are some
of the dubious categories.

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