September 27, 2023

What is Daisybutter !



Daisybutter: Butter Daisy is an annual herbaceous plant native to Mexico, Latin America, and Central America. The flowers are fragrant, bright and golden yellow. It has several lanceolate petals and a golden-orange bulb in the center. Adult taps have long taproots that serve as good anchors for plants and support them during drought. When butter daisies begin to mature they will produce many flowers that will continue to bloom throughout the growing season.

Butter Daisy is easy to grow and prefers neutral or slightly alkaline soil with a little lime. And they do best in fertile, well-drained soil with regular watering. In full sun and plenty of water, they grow 12-18 inches tall (30-45 cm) and can grow up to 24 inches wide (about 60 cm). But it tends to self-seed. This means that the seeds will be planted when it rains or when the wind blows. And removing spent flowers will prevent them from stopping their own growth. To grow butter daisies It should be sown in the shade using garden soil. and when the seeds germinate It should be replanted outdoors to develop roots.
Butter Daisies work well as bedding plants or as potted plants. Brighten up the garden with bright flowers that look great in mixed landscapes. Butter daisies make good filler plants and can be planted with other perennials that require similar growing conditions. It is relatively easy to grow and requires little maintenance. which makes it attractive to less skilled gardeners and horticulturists.
These flowers are deer resistant. Most diseases and insects Exceptions are whitefly and aphids. In the dry season, whitefly and aphids attack plants. suck the milk from the flowers cause many problems Gardeners should remember to regularly water daisies with butter to prevent insect and plant growth. An interesting benefit of plants is that they attract bees, butterflies and birds. daisybutter

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Meladium varieties are 10 to 24 inches tall and 10 to 15 inches wide.

decorative features

The seeds form attractive spherical seed clusters and can be picked up when the petals begin to fall.
Barbara H. Smith ©2017 HGIC, Clemson Extension

Delicious petals range from lemon yellow to golden orange. with a dark yellow-orange center Because the flowers can clean themselves. So there is no need to clean to remove the spent flowers. The plant will branch automatically. So no need to squeeze. when the flowers fade Each branch will grow to produce additional flowers.

Its seeds are achenes, which are common dried fruits such as sunflower seeds and members of the aster family. after the petals fall an interesting cluster of spherical seeds is formed. Allow the seeds to brown and dry on the plant. Then remove and dry. Separate the seeds from the flower heads and store them in a cool, dry place.

how to grow

The seeds can be sown directly into the landscape once the danger of the last frost has passed. The soil temperature should be 68 to 86°F and the bed should be moist but not wet until germination. Shoots will be visible in a week or two. Plant seedlings thin and 10 to 15 inches apart, depending on the type. Flowers bloom 55 to 60 days after sowing. Seeds can be started indoors 7 to 10 weeks before planting outdoors. Transplants can be purchased from nurseries to quickly create seedlings. Melampodium produces a large number of viable seeds and plants in the landscape. daisybutter

Use of scenarios

Melampodium is deer resistant, so it is a good choice as a summer bedding plant where deer have trouble. Flowers attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators. While the seeds are a food source for small songbirds such as golden finches, these versatile annuals can be grown in borders, clumps, cut gardens and containers. Smaller varieties have a more compact growing habit and make a great addition to an annual container mix.


In general, Melampodium has had a difficult year. No serious pest or disease problems. Prone to powdery mildew in hot, humid climates. Therefore, it is important to properly arrange the space for better ventilation to help prevent infection. daisybutter

To cultivate

‘Derby’ has golden yellow flowers and matures in 12 inches.
‘Jackpot Gold’ is 12 inches tall, with golden-orange flowers, two centimeters in diameter.
‘Lemon Delight’ has beautiful lemon yellow flowers.They will reach 12 to 24 inches.
‘Medallion’ is the tallest type of Melamodium at 24 to 36 in. The flowers are golden yellow.
‘Million Gold’ has bright yellow flowers and is compact, 10′ tall.
‘Showstar’™ is another tall grower, growing 14 to 24 inches tall with golden yellow flowers.