September 27, 2023

What Is Quilon and How Is It Used in the Service Industry? 

Quilon paper

Quilon paper

You may have heard about the Quilon substance but don’t know what it is and how to use it. Although there have been numerous discussions regarding its toxicity, many people in the service industry still use this substance for their products.  

Read ahead to learn more about Quilon and how to use it for your restaurant or other service industries. We will present what Quilon is, its main components, and the most common use cases of this chemical.  

What is Quilon? 

As mentioned above, Quilon is a chemical substance that contains isopropanol and chromium. Isopropanol is the second most common alcohol in food and everyday items, such as shampoos, sanitizers, and kitchen products. Chromium, on the other hand, is a metal highly resistant to various outside factors.  

Manufacturers use chromium to create stainless steel products, such as pans, jewelry, etc. By combining these two substances in small quantities, we get Quilon: a chemical resistant to water and grease.  

Due to its resistance effect, Quilon is often used in the service industry, as seen below. You can also manufacture unique products like Qulion paper. This type of paper is very useful since it is completely water and stain resistant. Therefore, people use it to package food and groceries. They also use it as separator sheets in the manufacturing industry to make medical drapes and gowns, water-resistant shoes, etc. 

Although the chemicals mentioned above can have a toxic effect on one’s body, Quilon coatings contain only a tiny percentage of these substances. Moreover, products containing Quilon become non-toxic when exposed to heat.  

Thus, if your pans or kitchen utensils have this chemical, there is no need to worry – they won’t be toxic if washed or heated correctly. 

Quilon and the Service Industry  

Many manufacturers in the service industry use Quilon as a coating for their products. For example, you can find this substance in non-stick pans and other utensils. Moreover, in the shoe-making industry, the producers use Quilon as a water-resistant finishing coat – if you have leather shoes, there is a good chance that they are waterproof thanks to this substance.  

Many restaurants and food-making industries also use Quilon for baking and wrapping papers. This chemical is a cheaper solution for silicone baking papers. Although organic, silicone papers may be a bit expensive for everyday use.  

Thus, restaurant chains and smaller businesses use Quilon for baking purposes. Chefs use this baking paper mainly for drier foods, such as bread, buns, and other pastries. 

When making sweets and snacks, manufacturing industries use a Quilon coating to repel grease from the packaging and to prevent food from sticking to the wrapping. Although a good option for preserving or baking food, you can use Quilon-coated products only once.  

Unlike, for example, silicone baking paper which you can use multiple times, Quilon will start to break down and become brittle after one use.  


If you are in the service industry, you may have heard about the substance called Quilon. Quilon is widespread in many service industry sectors, but you can mainly find it in the restaurant business. We have presented what this chemical is, as well as how different companies within the service industry use Quilon. It is a perfect alternative for its expensive counterpart: silicone.