December 9, 2023


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What is Sedordle & How to play !

sedordle game unlimited

sedordle game unlimited

Sedordle Game Unlimited: Wordle’s popularity is unstoppable and fans are still addicted. Most of them are not satisfied with just playing one game a day. For such players, Cedordl is a perfect Wordle alternative that allows you to guess up to 16 words in a single turn of the game.

Wordle’s sky-high rise has spawned a number of spin-offs, and a batch of them are the vocabulary boosts you’d expect. Sedordle is one of them and you have to guess 16 words. There’s also Dordle, where you can guess two words at a time, and Quardle, where you can guess four.

There is also Octordle where you have to guess eight words at a time and the final challenge is Killordle where you have to guess a hundred words in one round of the game. However, Kilordle is a little disappointing and Ochterdl leaves you wanting more.

Cedordl strikes the right balance of having enough words to challenge your brain without leaving you feeling tired. The main concepts and rules remain the same, only the number of words differs. The game itself is very challenging.

What is sedordle?

Sedordle is a spin-off of Wordle where you have to guess 16 hidden words in one round of the game. The terms continue verbatim. Each day you have 21 attempts to decipher 16 secret words. It may seem small at first but it will be enough after you solve three to four puzzles.
You have to guess the secret words one by one by working on the symbols. If you play Wordle every day, you don’t need to figure it out separately. There are only five letter words in the puzzle. It’s like playing Wordle sixteen times a day.

This game is designed using the same code as Wordle, but there is no direct share button to show your score on social media platforms. You can still share your stats in number form. And there is no streak feature like other Wordle options.

Each day, you can play it only once (a round involves guessing sixteen secret words), just like Wordle. Sedordil resets UTC every midnight.

How do we play sedordle?

Playing Cedordl is very easy, you can play it on your computer, smartphone or any web browser compatible device. To play it, open a browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc and navigate to this site.

You will now see sixteen different grids, each with 105 columns (5 horizontal and 21 vertical). You start the game by entering a random five letter word in the first column, then the tiles change color and you can start guessing the next words like Wordle.

The colors of the tiles are also similar to Wordle. The correct letter in the correct position will turn the tile green, the correct letter in the incorrect position will turn yellow and the incorrect letter will turn gray.

Explore your vocabulary by looking at the tiles and you can guess sixteen secret words. In my first attempt at the game, I managed to guess half of them and will definitely crack it in the next few days.

What are some other games like Sedordle?

Cedordle isn’t the only game where you can guess multiple words in a day. There are many other similar Wordle spin-offs. Popular ones include Doordle where you have to guess 2 words, Quardle where you have to guess 4 and Ochterdl where you have to guess 8 words.
There’s also Killord, who must guess 100 words to win a round of the game. However, it is very time consuming and gets boring after a while. Another option is to play Wordle Unlimited, which allows you to play unlimited times per day.

Sedordl and these games are not too difficult if you are a casual player. In fact, once you get the first few words right they may seem simpler. You will have enough clues to guess the rest.

Are you looking forward to trying them? Let us know how many days it took you to completely Ace Sedordil.