December 2, 2023


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What is Smitesource ?



Smitesource : Rez Studios created and published smite, a free-to-play third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.In Smite, players control a god, goddess, or other mythical character and engage in team-based battle with other player-controlled gods and non-player-controlled minions.

Smite was first made accessible to the public on May 31, 2012, as a closed beta, and then as an open beta
On March 25, 2014, the game was officially launched. Smite had reached 3 million players at the time, and
of the same year. Smite was played by over 10 million people in 2015. Hi-Rez Studios stated in June 2016 that the game
has gained 20 million users. The game topped 30 million players in 2019 and produced $300 million in revenue.
Hi-Rez announced in April 2020 that the game has over 40 million players.

Multiple player versus player (PVP) modes, numerous playable characters, and a thriving esports culture with multiple events,
including the yearly million-dollar Smite World Championship, are all features of the game.


Smite includes a number of game types, with Conquest being the most popular.
Players can choose between Training (against AI), Custom, Co-Op (with clan/friends), Normal, and Ranked play modes.
They can then select from a number of standard game modes. Games with one-of-a-kind rules, such as endless gold, are commonly launched as special event games.
In each game, players must pick a deity or another character to play as. At the moment, players may pick from a large number of characters.
from several pantheons, including Babylonian, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Japanese, Norse, Polynesian, Slavic, and
Yoruba. In this video game, the characters from King Arthur’s stories and the Cthulhu Mythos are also considered pantheons.
Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage, or Warrior are the classes that each character belongs to. Two players on the same squad cannot
choose the same character unless otherwise noted (in competitive modes and those using a Draft pick method, each player must use
a different character). [8] During god choosing, successful team configurations are usually based on normal RPG raid configurations
(tank, healer, physical/magical damage).

The god is controlled from a third-person perspective, which distinguishes this MOBA from others in the genre, which are normally
played from a top-down perspective. Each god has a basic attack, a passive trait, and four abilities with different effects like area damage, crowd control, buffs, and more. These skills are learned and upgraded as the player’s character levels up through
experience gained from killing minions, taking down towers or phoenixes, and fighting enemy characters. The highest level is 20,
and each subsequent level becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. Gold (used to purchase things that improve power, defence,

and passive benefits, as well as potions, wards, and abilities) is earned on a regular basis.
Gold (used to buy goods that improve power, defence, and passive benefits, as well as potions, wards, and abilities)
is earned by slaughtering foes (both player and NPC) or selling owned items on a regular basis.


In Conquest, participants are divided into two teams, each with five players. At their team’s “fountain,” all players start on
opposite ends of the map. Before entering the map, the players are given a certain amount of gold to spend on starter goods.
These things provide exceptional perks or abilities that improve the god of the player.


Joust is identical to Conquest, with the exception that each team only has three players and the map only has one lane with jungle on both sides. Due to the smaller battlefield size and more conflict, players begin at level 3.


Clash is similar to both Joust and Conquest, only it has two lanes and each team has five players.
Each team has their own jungle, and there are three contested jungles in the centre (left, right and mid).

Siege and Duel Siege

Siege is a two-lane battle game with a large jungle in the middle. Each team comprises two (Duel Siege) to four (Siege) players,
and siege juggernauts are created by killing minions/players and jungle bosses. Players can teleport to the position of the
nearest siege juggernaut, which can destroy towers and kill players and minions, after spawning at base.


Assault is a one-lane fight in which each player has a different deity assigned to them.
The area is strewn with numerous healing orbs, and each squad has five players. Two towers,
one phoenix, and one titan are assigned to each squad.


The phoenixes cannot be fought because there are no turrets or titans in the Arena (they instead defend team bases).
In an open colosseum-like arena, each team has five players. On each side of the map (left and right), there are three
jungle camps and a stream of minions going to the other team’s portal. Points are deducted every time a minion is killed
or enters a portal.


A modified version of the TrueSkill ranking system is used in the matchmaking system.
A feature that allowed users to choose between US and EU servers was added around December 2013,
but it was later withdrawn owing to matchmaking system troubles. This function was eventually reintroduced.
Originally, most modes used 3-minute matchmaking durations and operated in queues.