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stroppy me

stroppy me: Are you getting too many mails ,are you fed up then With that in mind, here are my tips for better email communication.

Use the button to unsubscribe

If you have subscribed to someone’s email list then you find that the content is no longer relevant to you, you don’t need to email them and tell them it sucks.

And if you think you are getting too many emails, do you really need to send a spoiled email asking to be removed from the list? You can unsubscribe or send a courteous email with the phrase I noticed I was getting a lot more emails from you than usual and I find it a bit happy. We usually find that people just sign up with more than one email address , for example, which means they end up getting everything twice (or more), which is easily resolved. stroppy me

Leave the email outline for a few hours (and / or have a friend read it)

Writing a nasty email can be a great way to shake off your frustration, but once you hit “Send” you can’t retract your words. So, leave your draft email for a few hours and come back to it when you feel calmer (you may not want to send it at all). You may also want to send your email to a trusted friend to provide objective feedback before clicking “Send.” If I have a difficult email to write, I usually ask my assistant Jo to read it and give me an honest opinion, before sending it. stroppy me

Remember to write to a real person

It’s easy to be free with a stranger, especially someone you’ve never met face-to-face (although you may, see point 5). But remember that a real person will accept that email, someone with feelings, like you. Treat him with respect and compassion and you have a much better chance of getting what you want. stroppy me

Keep things in perspective

So he ordered a book and it didn’t come. Your schedule has changed. You have not received email instructions for the event. Yes, it’s annoying, but is it worth damaging your company’s reputation?

Of course, you should speak up when you don’t get the kind of service you expect, but sending an email doesn’t solve the situation any faster. I ordered my book last week, but it didn’t come, please could you look at it ? You can achieve the same result, without affecting the reputation of your company.

And try to establish the facts before getting into the firearms. I recently received a very angry email from a colleague who runs a small business, insisting that we cancel his order for the media newspaper. It turned out they hadn’t even asked for one!

Be nice to everyone

You’ve heard the phrase that you are kind to people on the climb, because you might run into them on the way down … There is so much truth to that. And in an ever-shrinking online world, you never know who might be connected to whom, which means sending emails without changes can come back and bite you. It’s so much easier to be nice to everyone. stroppy me

Apologize when you’re wrong

He would be the first to admit that he had lost his temper and sent the strange email that he wishes he hadn’t. But as soon as I realized my mistake, I emailed the person and apologized. When you take responsibility for your actions and apologize, people generally admire you for it.

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