September 21, 2023

What Is The Cost Of CSM Training In Atlanta?

CSM Training In Atlanta

CSM Training In Atlanta

The Scrum framework is one of the most in-demand working and management methodologies. While it has had a considerable part to play in the advancement of the software industry, it isn’t limited to IT. Every business can find use in Scrum as it helps improve the team’s performance and streamlines the working process. So when Scrum Masters are working on a project, that project is carried out more effectively with more team members actively participating and working together to solve the problems.

Becoming a Scrum Master is not as easy as it sounds. This is why there are so many opportunities for this position in many organizations but not enough professionals qualified with the certification. If you aspire to step into a leadership position in your organization, we encourage you to get CSM training.

This article will answer all your questions, like the cost of CSM training in Atlanta, eligibility, skills covered, and career opportunities.

How Much Does It Cost To Get CSM Training In Atlanta?

When choosing a training program, make sure to choose one that covers the training cost and the examination fee. This will sort things out better for you, and you won’t have to worry about registering for the exam or paying more fees.

So, for example, if you enroll in the Simplilearn course, you will only have to pay one fee, which will cover your training, examination, and certification. This course will cost you $599, which can be paid in installments as low as $54 a month. When you choose Atlanta, you will get assigned the professors hosting the lectures according to your preferred schedule.

You also can choose whether to enroll in a weekend class or study over the weekdays.

Am I Eligible For Certified Scrum Master?

Let’s talk about the eligibility criteria for the Certified Scrum Master course. Whether you are already working in a Scrum environment with other Scrum professionals or want to advance your career, you are eligible to apply for the CSM training course.

This means that anyone with any educational or professional background can become a Scrum Master, as there are no prerequisites for this certification.

What Skills Are Covered In The CSM Training?

From the 3 pillars of Scrum to the Agile Manifesto, your Scrum training course should teach you everything. 

These are some skills that will not only make you a better Scrum Master but also help you clear the examination on your first attempt:

  • Scrum and Agile methodologies
  • Importance of Agile
  • Scrum lifecycle
  • Scrum terminologies
  • Daily Scrum and review
  • Definition of Done
  • Roles involved in Scrum
  • Distributed Scrum

Career Opportunities In Atlanta After CSM

One thing is sure after getting certified as a Scrum Master, you will get jobs that involve you working on Scrum projects. Here are some of the popular jobs you get:

Product Owner

Many Scrum Masters take up the role of a product owner. In this role, you will work with a team of developers to create a better product that fits the requirements made by the clients. You will also be responsible for reviewing the product backlog, handling the budget, or planning the release.

According to Glassdoor, a product owner with a Scrum Master certification earns $125,473 per year in the United States.

Senior Scrum Master

If you were already working as a Scrum Master with no certification in an organization, earning the Scrum Master certification gets you a promotion to the Senior Scrum Master position. You will be responsible for helping your company meet its business goals and leading the Scrum team.

According to, a Senior Scrum Master in Atlanta, Georgia, makes $118,764 annually.

Scrum Project Manager

Like how a regular project manager handles a project and guides the team working on the project, a Scrum project manager is responsible for a Scrum project. As organizations transition into a Scrum environment, they require their employees to upskill themself in Scrum.

A Scrum project manager in Atlanta, Georgia, makes $141,526 a year. 

Agile Coach

A Scrum or Agile coach is a professional responsible for training multiple teams in Scrum and Agile principles. They always need to be updated on the guidelines of the process and work with various teams according to the organization’s requirements.
An Agile coach in Atlanta, Georgia, earns an average of $134,848 annually.

When you are looking to upskill yourself, whether it’s for your personal or professional growth, instead of thinking about the cost of certificates or courses, you must think about the value they are providing you.

But yes, it is better to go for a training course like the one Simplilearn provides as it includes the training and the official examination fees in the $599 you will be paying.

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