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what is the difference between : YouTube Private vs unlisted

YouTube Private vs unlisted

YouTube Private vs unlisted

youtube private vs unlisted: YouTube is a great way to show off your video skills or post your cute cat videos. However, there are times when you don’t want the whole YouTube world to see them. The simple solution is to be private or not be on the list.

How does it make a difference? First, you must determine the security level of your videos. Do you just want your friends and family to see them? Do you have a company that wants to share a webinar? Are you comfortable sharing links with your potential clients or friends? There are many questions to be answered here, so let’s take a closer look.

The difference between private and unlisted YouTube videos

Before we dive into private or unlisted, let’s see what public YouTube videos have to offer.

YouTube’s public settings are the default for all videos. If you’re comfortable watching your video and don’t mind showing up in Google search results, stay tuned.

In addition, there are several advantages of being outdoors:

A large number of subscribers is ideal for a business and can attract more customers.
Create effective brand awareness.
It pays off with the right company or creative strategy.
He can make you a superstar on YouTube.
If the public forum makes you nervous, you are not alone. Some disadvantages:

Attract the trolls.
You can jeopardize future job prospects if you have compromising videos.
Anyone can find your videos on YouTube, even if you delete them.
Private is the most secure type of YouTube video. These are only visible to the people you invite (up to 50 total). Private videos do not appear in video recommendations, search results, and video upload tab sections.

Also, guests cannot share the video with others.Even if someone has the connection link, still can’t see your video unless they have the invitation request.

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YouTube Private vs unlisted : Setting up unlisted videos on YouTube is a cross between private and public. Videos which are unlisted are invisible in search result /subscriber feed/suggestions and user video tabs. However, with the unlisted videos, anyone with the link can view and share your video.

This is the basic essence of the private versus the unlisted. Let’s dive a little deeper and list the benefits of each.

The advantage of making a video “private”
If your videos are very personal to you or, for example, you have a secret company project, then Private YouTube is ideal.

Here are some benefits:

YouTube Private vs unlisted: Share videos with your loved ones: If your relatives live far away, it is a perfect forum to share special moments in private.
Private video library: personal collections such as art, comics or records are important. It is no different with videos. I belong to you, to no one else.
Company Information Storage – This is a great option if you have business strategies that you want to share with your employees, but don’t want your competitors to see (like important training videos).
Save Storage: The private setting is a great place to store tons of videos (hello cats) instead of running out of space on your phone.
The Advantage of Making an “Unlisted” Video
If you want to share your videos with a large group, but don’t want them to appear in search results, YouTube unlisted is the best option for you.
Here are some benefits:

Great for coworker feedback – if you have a large company (with 50+ employees), sharing unlisted videos is perfect.
Share your portfolio with potential employers – Use this option if you need to share your video resume with more than one job prospect.
Field test of a potential public video: Unlisted videos are great for gathering positive reviews and comments from a small group before they go public. If the reviews are bad, just hit delete!
Clean up your YouTube page – You want to organize your page and get rid of those old embarrassing videos. However, what if you want anyone who has embedded or shared those videos to keep access? No problem. Make the video unlisted, which eliminates your channel’s visibility.
We must emphasize two important points about the unlisted ones: First, these types of videos sometimes end up being distributed on other sites. There is even a site dedicated to unlisted YouTube videos. Second, unlisted videos will appear publicly if they are in a playlist.

How to change your video privacy settings

Once you have logged into your YouTube account, go to the upper right corner of the camera icon to upload a video:

Video privacy settings
Then go to the Upload page, where you have the option of being public, private, or unlisted:

Upload Youtube page
Now its your turn , You can select the video which you want to upload from your computer.


YouTube Private vs unlisted: Protecting your privacy is important when you are online. You want to enjoy the freedom to create and enjoy videos without intrusion from unwanted users. Private YouTube and unlisted YouTube provide a public barrier. It’s best to make your YouTube videos private if you want to make sure your videos are as secure as possible. But in the end, it is up to you to decide what level of security you need.

Frequently asked questions

Basic difference between private and unlisted on YouTube?

Private means no one can see your video, Those who are invited to watch can able to .Private videos will not display in Google search results, Unlisted means your videos will not be displayed in search results or your channel. Only those who know the link can watch the video

YouTube channels be private?

YouTube channel private means only people who are invited to the channel can view content. … Once you sign in to your YouTube account, click on the channel name which you want to make private. In the channel Settings, under Privacy setting, there is an option to make the channel videos private select it.

Are unlisted YouTube videos safe to watch?

According to the videos uploaded as unlisted won’t come up in search results and also won’t appear on users’ channel lists as well. According to YouTube, To watch unlisted videos the owner has shared the link with individuals to watch them.

Why my unlisted video have views?

unlisted videos are created for sharing the link of your video to your known ones, Public cannot be watch these videos without any invite. views which come under the public videos are counted as your views and watch time.

Private YouTube channel cost?

YouTube $4.99 subscription fee called channel memberships

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