December 3, 2023


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What Is YouTube super ?



Super Over the past few years, YouTube has been constantly adding features that help creators interact more with their community and earn revenue as a way for fans to show their appreciation.

Most of these techniques are designed to show followers and fans as “Superfans”, and one such feature is called “SuperChat”.

What is YouTube Super Chat?

Essentially, SuperChat allows viewers to pay to comment live. So when someone goes live, viewers will see a money icon in the chat window and can click on it to set a money amount and send highlighted comments.
Google describes Super Chat as “a featured message in a chat thread to stand out from the crowd and get more attention from your favorite producer.”

Super Chat messages appear in a chat thread just like any other chat message, but are very special. This message is also pinned to the top of the chat window. The more an audience pays for messages in SuperChat, the longer the message stays in the feed.

What is Super Sticker?

In addition to Super Chat, viewers can also send so-called Super Stickers. Super Stickers are animated stickers that stand out just like Super Chat messages, but add extra personality to a message. Super

How does SuperChat work?

Super Chat and Super Stickers are available to YouTube creators if they qualify (including monetization through the YouTube Partner Program).

Manufacturer must enable Super Chat and Super Sticker features for these features to work. Once this is done, viewers can share their views on the content via SuperChat while the producer is live.

YouTube creators can moderate and manage SuperChats and SuperStickers, including the ability to disable specific words or phrases.

Great chat for people

You must pay to use SuperChat as a viewer, and then your comments will be pinned to the top of the chat for five hours. Please note that producers may blacklist certain words in chat and ban annoying viewers.

When someone goes live on YouTube, you’ll see a money icon in the chat window. Click on it to open a slider where you can click and drag to set how much money you want to send to the producer.

The more you pay, the more comments get stuck. You’ll also receive other characters for your comments, and they’ll be highlighted in a different color to help streamers pay attention to paid comments. If comments are rejected, creators can click “Super Chat” at the top of the chat window to see everyone.

Currently, creators get 70 percent of the revenue sent through Super Chat and Super Stickers, with the rest going to YouTube. YouTube creators can track how much money they’ve made in SuperChat and past messages sent using features in YouTube Studio. Super

How to send messages on Super Chat |

Here are Google’s instructions on how to use SuperChat:

Select the dollar sign in chat. The live chat should be visible and the mobile device should be in portrait mode.
To select an amount, drag the slider or enter the desired value.
Enter your message if you want.
Select Buy and Send.
Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.
You can buy from YouTube on your computer or in the YouTube app.

Is Super Chat worth the money?

Yes, but not the whole set. You can choose the amount you want to send to the YouTube creator. YouTube says the tool is intended for viewers over the age of 18. In other words, people with credit cards. When the transaction is complete, your public superchat will be sent to all live chat viewers and you will be emailed a receipt. Super Chat funds are non-refundable.

How about a super thank you?

Super Thanks is another feature offered by YouTube, similar to Super Chat, but designed for any video, not live streams.

Like SuperChat, SuperThanks allows viewers to leave dedicated comments on videos. If enabled, you’ll see a “Super Thanks” button next to the “Share” button at the bottom of the main YouTube player. YouTube creators must be eligible for this feature to work, but they must first enable it in YouTube Studio as well.

Again, this is a monetization feature that allows viewers to choose how much to pay for their message with a super thank you. This post will stand out in the comments section and will stand out in the crowd. The animation appears with a Super Thanks message.

Like SuperChat, Creator gets 70% of its money from all SuperThanks messages. So this is a great way to support your favorite author.