Tips for Marketing & Customer Service : How to Use WhatsApp for Business

whatsapp for business

Whatsapp is one of the most used apps by the global mass. This application provides a messaging service, and due to its performance, it has become one of the primary apps used for sending texts, links, audio, and video files. As Whatsapp has a huge user base, it can support businesses too. Like any other social media platform, you can use Whatsapp for business purposes.

According to the data from ProfitBooks, the total number of users of Whatsapp in the year 2015 was 0.5 billion worldwide. As per the increase in the number of Whatsapp users, it is 2 billion according to the records of 2021 as per the stats shown by Oberlo. 

Here, you can study the ways how Whatsapp is used for business. Moreover, you can learn about the new features it has come up with to enhance the business works. 

How to Use WhatsApp

Part 1: Whatsapp Marketing: Ways to apply

Whatsapp marketing is one of the most vital things that can ensure a business gaining excellent profits. The key approaches to execute it are given below:

  • Customer communication:

As a business person, you should take the contact details of all your customers to help you communicate with an individual for further sales. As an approach for other deals, you can send texts and images of the products via WhatsApp. 

  • Attaching the customer with your Business: 

You can connect your customers to your business by staying at the top of their recognition. Try sending wishes for every event that you feel your customer can relate to. This enables the customer to develop a bonding with your company. 

You can expect your messages to reach your customers as it can face lesser obstacles and restrictions than Emails and SMS. 

  • Enhance customer participation: 

As WhatsApp marketing is more personal than all other ways, you can quickly request your customer to participate in an event organized by your company. Consider this as a bold step as many customers can promptly develop loyalty towards your brand.

The only thing you need to remember is to avoid all chances of customer spamming. It can be a disaster for your company as your customer base can fall drastically. 

Part 2: WhatsApp as support for customer communication

WhatsApp now has a business account, and you can easily enhance customer communication with it. There are different ways to do it. 

  • Regularly publishing status updates: 

No matter what business you are into, update status updates on your WhatsApp as your contacts and networks can go through them and might approach you for sales. 

Always try keeping an informal tone when it comes to updating the business-related status. In most cases, the customers can be reluctant to go through the status updates if the language is formal. Nowadays, you can also post the same status on your Instagram if the business account is connected to it. 

  • Response on each ping: 

No matter why a ping comes to your business WhatsApp account, you should always answer it. The best you can do is to send the individual a thanking message on behalf of the company as he/she can carry forward the chat while feeling secure. 

In no case, any ping should be left unanswered as you might lose the customer. Once a customer is lost, you might face problems in terms of the networking of your business. 

  • Choose Whatsapp call for talking with a customer:

If you are sure as a business person that a sale might take place, try calling up your customer. In any large company, sales negotiation takes place via the WhatsApp call. People mostly prefer it due to its seamlessness regarding the quality of the need and connectivity. 

In case you have just started a business, mind doing WhatsApp calls and chats to your customers on your own. However, if you have a marketing team in your organization, this can be done by a marketing executive. 

Part 3:  WhatsApp as support for communication inside the organization

For a business organization to run properly, every individual should communicate with the other. Here is how Whatsapp can help:

  • Organizational WhatsApp group: 

An organizational group on WhatsApp can help all the employees to talk with each other and complete projects easily. If you are a business owner, request all your employees to install WhatsApp on their phones and install WhatsApp. 

  • Meetings and instruction: 

As a director of an organization, you might need to set up an emergency meeting with some of your employees, which you can execute via Whatsapp. If your employees are more active on the office PCs, make sure they all have access to the WhatsApp Web. 

Part 4:  Ways WhatsApp can be a Support for some notable Businesses

WhatsApp can provide excellent support for some particular types of businesses that might or might not be organizational. The details are given here in more information:

Food Delivery Services

If you are a good chef, you can start a small business delivering food to people. In such a situation, you can take orders via WhatsApp and communicate with the customers about delivery.

If you provide quality food to your customers on a timely basis, your business can be a significant opportunity to meet a grand success. 

  • Confectionaries services

Suppose you have experience in baking and want to make money out of it, set up business profiles on all leading social media platforms, and request the potential customers to order cakes and other items via Whatsapp. Never forget to ask your customers for the location to enable you to deliver the items to the right place. 

  • Self-employed businesses and the way they can run on WhatsApp

If you are a self-employed person, Whatsapp can be the best business partner you can have. If you are into the professions like a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or psychological consultant, you can provide your services through WhatsApp. 

If you are a doctor, make sure you give medicines for symptom-based disorders to your patients. Once you check a patient, you should give him/her a copy of the e-prescription. 

In case you are a lawyer, you can talk with the client and give them your views for the trial. As you are providing them a sitting, you can charge your remuneration accordingly.  

In case you are a teacher or a psychological consultant, you can take classes via WhatsApp video chat or provide them a session while listening to your patient’s problem. Once you provide the services, ask for the online payments. 

  • The business of medicine delivery

If you have a pharmacy, allow your customers to order medicines via WhatsApp and timely deliver them. It can simplify the management of your business and lead you to earn outstanding profits over time. 

Final Words

WhatsApp has now become one of the inevitable parts of human life, especially for professionals. IF you are planning for a start-up, you can rely on WhatsApp and apply the above ideas. However, it is crucial to choose the products or services that you can deal with. Your business can never flourish if you fail to reach the target audience, even if you support Whatsapp. 

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