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Which Are The Best SEO Strategies?

Best SEO Strategies

Best SEO Strategies

Best SEO Strategies: If your search for something on Google, it presents millions of results within a few milliseconds. So, you must be lost in that crowd if your website or webpage is not ranking within the top 5 results. Believe it or not, this is the harsh reality most webmasters face when they ignore SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique that increases the likelihood of your webpage’s ranking. Therefore, we provide you with some of the best SEO strategies to hit the fundamental right and rank.

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Best SEO Strategies For Your Website In 2022

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Optimize Your Content With Keywords

Keywords are the heart of SEO. Although the technique of keyword optimization has evolved over time, its importance remains the same. Keywords are the phases that are typically searched on the search engine and define the search intent.

Using these phrases properly in your content helps you optimize it for the search results. Therefore, you must conduct thorough research on your targeted keywords. These must be relevant to your industry and topic, have a higher search volume and not be too competitive. 

Pay Attention To Optimize The Metadata

Along with your content comes the metadata, which you need to optimize for better ranking. Metadata consists of meta titles and meta descriptions that appear on the search engine result page. So, these are the first thing to create an impression of your content to your audience.

Therefore, integrating the keywords in your metadata helps the audience understand the context of your content. Consequently, it enables you to maximize your impression click-through rate. Also, Google shows the content with metadata optimized with keywords and matches the search queries. Thus, your content gets a better chance of ranking.

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Target The Longtail Keywords

While primary keywords are shorter and generic, longtail keywords are longer more defined and specific phrases. As an example, if you target “chocolate cake recipe” as your primary keyword, you can use longtail keywords as follows:

“Chocolate cake recipe with less than 10 ingredients” or “chocolate cake recipe without a microwave.” So, these keywords have less competition with a sufficient search volume.

The primary keyword is undoubtedly essential for optimization, but it is hard to rank for such a high competitive keyword. Therefore, optimizing your content with longtail keywords is one of the best SEO strategies.

Ensure A Great User Experience

No one wants to wait for an eternity to open your page. User experience must be your top priority when you are on the internet trying to educate, inform or sell. It dramatically impacts one of the significant ranking factors, which is the dwell time on your page.

Google considers ranking pages higher when it has high dwell time and low bounce rate. Therefore, you must design a convenient website for your users to navigate and loads quickly.

Local SEO Is The New Norm

You usually gain the first customers from your locality when you open a shop. Your website is the same when it comes to SEO. Local SEO includes keywords that are ranking for your area, region, city or country. These are the keywords that your local audience is searching for.

Examples can be the “best pizza in Vancouver,” or “flower shop near me.” Therefore, these are more specific for a place and help you target the audience in your surrounding. So, integrating these keywords enables you to improve the organic traffic from the locality.

Build SEO Friendly URL Structure

When it comes to SEO strategies, URLstructue is the most overlooked factor. A well-structured URL can provide both the search engines and users with a clear idea about the destination page’s context. Therefore, optimizing your URLs is another excellent SEO technique.

You must keep your URLs short and concise, incorporate a primary keyword, include a subtopic and exclude unwanted stop words. All these factors have been proven to improve the ranking of your webpage.

Create A Solid Link Building Strategy

While all the strategies above are primarily focused on the on-page SEO factors, link building is an off-page SEO technique. It is the primary factor in improving your site authority, one of the most vital ranking factors.

Both backlinking and internal linking are great ways to optimize your page. Backlinks are placed on other high-authoritative sites that link back to your page. Thus, they increase your domain authority and drive the audience back to your site, increasing the organic traffic.

On the other hand, internal linking is linking the same page within the same website. It leads your audience to your other informative pages and keeps them engaged on your website for longer.

Focus On Writing For Humans Than Robots

All the SEO mentioned above techniques are focused on living up to the search engine algorithms standards. However, the primary focus must always be your audience. Therefore, you must conduct comprehensive research on your target audience, their search intent and persona.

It will help you create content that is aligned with what your audience is looking for. Thus, your content will get higher clicks, higher dwell time and be able to rank at the top of the SERP.


Search engine optimization is a concept that has been through multiple changes. However, its importance remained the same in the commercial industry. The SEO strategies outlined in this article are a great way to improve your ranking.

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