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Which is a best practice for optimizing a landing page for google ads?

which is a best practice for optimizing a landing page for google ads?

which is a best practice for optimizing a landing page for google ads?

which is a best practice for optimizing a landing page for google ads? : Landing page is a denominator to get massive conversions or fails to get a few. A user lands on your landing page after clicking on your ad or search result. And, your landing page determines whether the customer will convert or not. If you’re not getting enough conversions. Read on to learn 10 powerful landing page optimization tips that shoot up conversions.

A powerful landing page includes eye-catching designs, easy navigation, engaging copies, a powerful call to action, and many more. But, these all elements drive results only when it is excellently crafted in accordance with audience interest, desire, and needs.

Yes! Creating an effective landing page strategy is deeper than you think. It needs a finely crafted sales funnel with a proper understanding of buyers that increases the conversion rate of your landing page. And, email marketing strategies that help to retain the customer & enable remarketing.

Nevertheless, In this article, we will leave you with the best landing page Ux practices and optimization techniques. But, If you want to learn in-depth how to create infallible digital marketing strategies for incremental profit in business. Digital marketing course in Jaipur or other course providers in India will help you to master digital marketing skills for expanding your business online.

Inventing your money, time, and efforts in learning, practicing, and implementing digital marketing skills will give you tremendous ROI in future.

So, Let’s get ahead to learn how to optimize landing pages to increase conversion rate.

10 Powerful Landing Page Optimization Tips that Shoot Up Conversions

Not getting enough conversions is disappointing. But, instead of it, projecting yourself to find ways to improve your landing page conversion is wise. And, you’re at the right place to learn effective landing page tips to boost your conversion rate.

Follow the best practices I have mentioned below that will boost your landing page conversion for sure.

1.    Understand Your Audience Behaviour

Who are the people you want to sell your products and services to? What do they look like? Where do they live? What are their occupation, interest, challenges, and pain points? And, how do they behave on your site?

All of these questions above are the foundation of your landing page. Yes! You’re gonna create every element of your landing page in consideration of these questions. So, take your notebook and start writing down the answer to each question to get into your potential audience’s mind.

2.    Removes Distraction

Needless distraction does more harm than anything else on your landing page. Creating a landing page consumes a lot of mental & physical effort. And, if because of unnecessary elements your efforts can go into the dumpster and fail to catch the user’s attention.

So, after creating a landing page run your analytical eyes over it and discard what you think will provide no value for conversions.

3.    Write An Emotional Triggering Headline

80% of mobile user’s attention is placed on the top of the landing page. Hence, this is the place to instill an emotional triggering headline. Think about your customer’s pain points & challenges which your product can solve and represent them in your headline in an engaging way.

Crafting a powerful headline is the most important thing that forces users to read landing page copy & call to action. Yes, even research done by tech jury reveals 90% of visitors who read the headline also read the call to action. So, don’t you think it can be one of the most powerful landing page optimization tips that shoot up conversions for your next campaigns? which is a best practice for optimizing a landing page for google ads?

4.    Increase Your Page Loading Time

A study done by portant unveiled an extra second in page loading time declined by 4.42%. So, you can estimate how important page loading speed is for driving conversions. After creating your landing page don’t forget to check the loading time. And, if it’s above 5 seconds, tweak some changes to make it optimal for your users. It’s one of the most impactful landing pages UX best practices you need to take care of. which is a best practice for optimizing a landing page for google ads?

5.    Make Your Landing Page Mobile Optimized

Most users use mobile rather than desktop for search queries and social media. Reason being, 86% of top landing pages are mobile optimized. If you also want to include your landing page in the list that brings massive conversions. Make your landing page mobile optimized. For doing this, don’t try to adjust motion effects and other fancy elements in the mobile dimension. Keep it simple & sweet and leave a lot of white space.

6.    Place A Chatbot On Landing Page

A chatbot is fun & innovative and users love it. On top of that, A chatbot can effectively increase your conversion rate as well. A survey done on the efficacy of chatbots found that websites that have chatbots got 3X more conversions over email.

Well, initially you can use Facebook chat on your website or if you want to make it more personalized & effective drift, many chat, and are the best chatbot AI software you can use for increasing your landing page conversion rate.

7.    Include Trust Signals

Most consumers prefer to buy from trustworthy brands. How do you make your customers trust your brand’s products & services? Nevertheless, it matters to the customer’s what you say your products & services do but not more than what other people say about them.

The studies done by bright locals clarified that 82% of users check out online reviews before putting money on stacks. So, for making judgment easier for your users and building trust for your brand’s product & services add testimonials & reviews on your landing page.

8.    Include Videos On Landing Page

Smart insights echo, an incredible technique for increasing landing page conversion. They say featuring a relevant product & services video that is cleverly crafted with benefits & features can solely increase conversions by 86%. So, get an engaging video crafted to optimize your landing page for massive conversions.

9.    Stress On Limited Offer

FOMO ( fear of missing out) technique is incredibly powerful. Because humans value things when they’re limited or about to end. You can create an incredible offer for your users and feature it for a specific time period. For making it more effective add a countdown timer with the offer.

10.                   Test Things Out

Even though you have mastered the effective ways of how to optimize landing pages for lead generation & conversion. Always look for improving your landing page for better conversions. Test your new ideas through leveraging split tests and let the winner magnetize immense conversions.

Conclusion: A cleverly crafted landing page is the foundation of driving conversions. Therefore, we have rounded up the 10 most powerful landing page optimization tips that shoot up conversions for you. Use these best practices for improving your current landing page & crafting your next one to increase your conversion rate.


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