September 25, 2023

Who Is Selene Delgado Lopez !

Selene Delgado Lopez

Selene Delgado Lopez

Selene Delgado Lopez: New rumors about Facebook are spreading all over social media. A rather strange FB profile named “Selene Delgado Lopez” has popped up, leaving Facebook, its users and software experts confused.

Facebook users around the world say Lopez has made friends with everyone on the social network. You might be wondering what’s so special about it, you can just let it go! He is not my friend. You can never delete it, even if it accidentally enters your friends list!

Let’s see who this stranger is trying to infiltrate your circle of friends and spy on you.

What is Selene Delgado Lopez FB Account?

Selena’s Facebook account features a smiling, short-haired woman wearing an orange sweater as a display image. The profile says he lives in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. No further information about her.

How Selena Delgado Lopez got noticed
Multiple posts about Lopez began appearing on Reddit, Twitter and other social media sites, leaving Facebook users concerned.

This has led to a flurry of articles with people all over the world trying to find out more about this strange “girlfriend” they never knew, knew or heard of and how to befriend her.

Why does all of this matter?

For most people, “Why is it important?” That would not be the question. Only online trolls can laugh and ride the viral wave. right?

Well, I’m sorry, but I’m not like most people: I’m a cybersecurity and privacy enthusiast. To me, any such prank, especially viral, is just another risk of exposure and destruction. Social media users should be able to watch these scams, not buy them; They should not be able to extract and transmit the illusion, not spread and promote it.

why? Because even if Selena Delgado Lopez’s virus alerts aren’t harmful, they aren’t always. Of course, since Selena Delgado Lopez’s posts have gone viral, there’s a good chance they’ll soon become weapons of those who obtain your login credentials or force you to download malware.

“Faxes like this may have seemingly innocuous consequences at first, but the truth is that at the rate they spread, Jake Moore, a cybersecurity expert at EST, said. To get out of control.”

Why do you think Selena is your friend on Facebook?

It’s easy. One of Selena’s accounts – the one that has now gone viral – has the friend request button disabled in Facebook’s privacy settings. You usually choose this option if you don’t want someone to try to add you as a friend to the forum. First they have to write you and if you want to be friends on Facebook you have to send them a request.

If you are not familiar with these privacy settings, a Facebook profile page, such as a fake Selene account, may look like someone you are very close to. The friend request button has been removed and replaced with a button to send a message to the Facebook user.

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