September 26, 2023

Why Brands Prefer Instagram Over Any Other Social Media Platforms

insta 360

insta 360

At this present moment, social media is a separate world on its own with varied and various platforms, media and channels to earn that good profit. With over 3.5 billion users, social media is growing tremendously and enhancing its stance in market. But why do you think social media is considered as massive world when it is associated with online business? It is because social media comprises of various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Snapchat.

However, if you consider trending one, Instagram is more than just a platform, outshining the rest in a pretty good deal. Once you start using it, you can feel the reason behind its growing popularity among business owners. Want to know why people are more into Instagram? Let’s find out.

  • IG is known to have over 800 million people, using IG actively every month. So, you get the chance to present your message to a large group of people at the same time.
  • Around 80% of users on IG follow one business account. IG now gets more than 2 million advertisers on a monthly scale.
  • Around 59% micro-influencers believe that they are procuring best engagement on IG. Then you have 60% of users on IG visiting this platform daily.

Tap into pool of mobile app users:

If you can follow the steps right, you don’t have to get along for gaining more likes, as that will come naturally to you. Moreover, you might have heard that all the social media channels have now gone mobile. Why? It is because around 52% of all wen traffic comes from the smartphones. According to some stories, people will spend around 84.9% of time on phone using the apps.

This sturdy further revealed that more people are currently spending time on social media through smartphones. So, it proves that mobile internet is quite trending amongst internet users. Therefore, it is obvious that people find it easy to operate IG on mobile. With such an easy interface and great navigation purpose, IG is a popular social networking mobile app, just after FB.

Best way to increase brand reach:

You are well-aware that IG has over 800 million monthly active users. It is here to reach 1 billion this year! Now, you might be wondering why care for 1 billion users on IG when FB has 2 billion active users already. Well, here’s why.

There are around 6 million advertisers on FB, planning to each target audiences. But, with the new update from FB, the algorithm has made it rather tougher for brands and advertisers to be heard and seen. On the other hand, you have IG with over 25 million businesses with 80% of users following minimum one of them. So, if you compare it with FB, IG has more or less 2 million monthly advertisers. That means you just not only have less competition, but greater succeeding scope on IG with marketing. Just follow the norms well and things will definitely work in your favor for sure.