December 3, 2023


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Why did Straw Hats Become Summer Essentials?

summer straw hat pirates

summer straw hat pirates

Invest in the best of summer essentials; a straw hat.

It takes courage to avoid looking like a fool and rock the style. But there are hat styles that everyone avoids, like the plague. It would help if you dedicated your wardrobe to straw hats for the summer. Then there are Panama hats that give you flamboyant confidence to pull it off. 

But plenty of hat trends have disappeared. For a couple of years earlier, hats were a symbol of conformism. However, in recent trends, hats have become style statements. To stay true to tradition, you can start with authentic straw hats for the summer season. 

There are plenty of advantages to wearing straw hats. To begin with, straw hats have full brims that flatter almost all face shapes. The crown of straw hats helps give an elongated effect to your face, while your features get highlighted through the wide brim. However, there is no social baggage surrounding these simple hats.


A general issue with hats of all styles includes extremity. They are either outrageously formal like fedoras, bowlers, and a top hat or informal visors, beanies, and baseball caps. But boater hats and the Panama hat happily float in the middle. Neither too formal nor casual, just humble!

The design of straw hats speaks for their versatility. You can pair the style with sports coats or suits. But the same type can also get paired with chore coats and tattered jeans. Even polo collars and chinos look great when worn with straw hats.

Whether you want to dress smart or are going for a casual day out, straw hats perfectly blend in with your outfit. These styles also form exquisite accessories for smart-casual summer day events! Straw hats fall in line with the brilliance of balancing great style with comfort. Pair it with a suit for a part in the warm weather, or wear it to the beach accompanied by a pair of swimming shorts and a notch-lapel open shirt.

Classic and evergreen

The fashion world has witnessed the trend of straw hats with brims for years. And the chances are that the style will remain relevant in the coming years. Similar to the versatility of straw hats, paired with informal and formal outfits, Panama hats are ageless. Whether young or old, you can rock the style with the utmost poise.

However, there is a rule to be considered when it comes to the evergreen, classic nature of the style. The brim of a straw hat is of extreme significance. Possibly, there are no logical reasons behind it. But the bigger, the better is what works. Bigger brims look great with age. The younger generation can stay true to trilby straws. For older gentlemen, wide-brimmed hats are swoon-worthy.


Whether it is the beginning of summer or its departure, dressing according to the season is essential. Linen pants with breezy shirts are the go-to essentials for every man out there. Another must-have summer essential involves straw hats. Summer straw hats are perfect for sunny days when the clouds get dispersed, and it is time to get the most out of summer. 

Straw hats are breezy, summer, and great to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. But it not only covers, but it also provides your outfit with a quintessential touch. Straw is a must-have for every summer season. They are also perfect companions for when you want to travel light.

What to look for when opting for straw hats?

These styles are woven wonders and can make your summer the best when it comes to fashion. Here’s how!

The right size

It is essential to buy straw hats the correct size. Measure your head size before you purchase a hat. Encircle a measuring tape around, right above where you will place your hat, and you will know your size.

Comfort first

Keep in mind that traditional hats are shrinkable with time. Further, straw hats are not stretchable. Thus, when buying a straw hat, ensure that it is comfortable on your head. Avoid getting smaller or tighter because it might shrink over time.

Color matters

The color of your hat plays a significant part in your ensemble. Suppose you are shy when it comes to wearing a hat. You can start with neutral tones, like tan brown, or bleached white. Cream Panama hats also look great on summer days. The particular color is rather welcome, considering the rarity of men wearing hats!

Full brims

Avoid stingy brims to look fashionable. If you are starting with headwear, opt for traditional wide brims. It may feel more expansive than usual. However, these hat styles look great on those exceptionally, painfully sunny days. Over time, you can get used to the idea of full brims. But for now, this is what you must know!

Summer is around the corner. Stack your hats, and enjoy!