Why Does Search Intent Matter?

Search Intent

Search Intent

Search Intent: If you desire your site to be ranked good on google, you have to try many SEO strategies to work. SEO helps your website gets better traffic and increases your sales.

Search engines’ primary purpose is to match the requirement of a user who is searching for particular content. To build your website online credibility, you, as a website owner, should make sure the content you’re providing is relevant enough to the user.

It has become essential to make an online presence as many of the business activities are being done online. Almost every day, millions of users search the internet for their needs. As per a survey, google processes about 4 billion searches per day.

So it becomes quite a natural thing for you to make sure that your website is at the forefront whenever a search query related to your content hits.

The google changing algorithm has become quite complicated to keep the content matched according to the search intent. But here are few tips you can take into consideration to face no trouble.

So, let’s get started.

What is Search intent?

Search intent is the process when a user searches the internet about particular stuff, keeping his needs in mind. Search intent could be related to anything, such as information or buying something.

For instance, if a user wants some information about the weather, he would search, “What’s the weather?” If he wants to buy something, the search will go like “Buying a Washing machine online”. The search intent would entirely depend upon a user’s need.

Then the search engine would indicate the result matching a user’s search intent. However, all of these goes around the same topic. Every user doesn’t have the same purpose.

Why Search intent Matters?

Google is the search engine giant that cares about user experience. When a user searches a query on the search engine, and if the search engine cannot deliver the response related to the question, it’s considered a failure.

It certainly leaves a mark that Google has done a poor job by not delivering what a user intended. So, for google, it becomes a top priority to provide whatever a user wants.

If you want to be on Googles top-ranked website lists, you have to deliver the content according to the user’s search intent. We will discuss some more points why search intent matters for your website.

Users only need to go to one source.

As we know, search intent plays a vital role in keeping a user engaged with your page. If your website has enough content to satisfy the user’s needs, it will stop them from visiting multiple sources.

It will increase the session duration of a user on your website. That will eventually make google think that the user finds the information on your page relevant enough.

And that will lead Google to boost your ranking and make other users find your website with similar search intent. It will be beneficial for SEO and lead to the users that can help your website increase its sales.

Have the best knowledge about your content

Providing the relevant information about the user’s search query leaves a message that you have the best knowledge about user demands. That makes a positive impact on the user that you can answer their questions related to specific content.

It helps you portray yourself as an authority in your business. By building this reputation, users will be more likely to be attracted to your website, which will lead to an increase in sales.

Their needs, your duty.

You have to know what your target audience demands. If you’re successful in finding out your user’s needs, you have to make content that satisfies it.

For instance, if someone is searching for some smartphone specifications and owning a website related to that kind of queries, you should have a section dedicated to answering all the questions.

However, if you indicate, contents that not related to their search query may lead to negative feedbacks and decreased traffic.

People like to spend more time on the website on which they find relevant information according to their search query, which will help you increase your website SEO rankings. And it will help gather more traffic.

Brand Awareness is key.

For a user to stick to your website, content is all that matters. Relevant content of which user needs, will make them be on your website and increase your traffic. It can rank your website higher if you target the keywords by creating relevant content.

Once a user gets familiar with your brand and creates a good sense of feeling about your business in his mind, it’s more likely he chooses your brand over others. It will help you earn more conversions below the line.

The more the user spends time on your website, the more he gets to know about your business. And that will eventually lead to increasing your rank on google.


By understanding all the essential concepts of why search intent is necessary for a business to grow, you’ll be able to aim for the rank and traffic you desire. Such concepts are discussed briefly above.

Although tools like WhatsMySerp are available to take the burden off your head and deliver the results, you desire.

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