September 25, 2023

Why Should You Install Security Cameras?

night owl security cameras

night owl security cameras

The Importance of Security Cameras 

Security cameras can be intimidating and uninviting, but they can also create a safe atmosphere. The feeling of security and safety is important in any aspect of life or location, whether at home or work. A home can’t feel like a home if you constantly look over your shoulder and worry about something bad happening; installing security cameras can help. 

The Advantages of Having a Security System 

Depending on your needs, there are many benefits to having a home security system or security cameras. Security cameras can put your mind at ease and be your eyes when you are not around. 


Protection is the biggest and most important advantage of having security cameras installed. Security cameras can help protect your property inside and out anywhere from burglary, home invasion, and fire or natural disasters. However, security camera installation can get expensive and seem like a waste if you have never felt the need for one in your home. Still, the average amount stolen from home is close to three thousand dollars, and it is better to spend money on ensuring that you don’t lose your money or valuables and give you peace of mind. 

Discourages burglars 

Some people have security cameras that don’t work and have them for the show because just seeing a camera deters people from breaking in and stealing. Of course, when something does happen, those people are out of luck, but having cameras that do work properly can be proof that a crime did take place. Often it is hard to catch a burglar because there is no motive to connect the identity of the thief as well as having no witnesses. After all, most criminals strike at night. 

Peace of mind 

Leaving the worrying to your security system gives you peace of mind because you know whether you are away from home or asleep at night, your home is being watched over. Moreover, depending on how advanced your security system is, you can even check in on your home when you are not there. 


The more advanced security systems will allow you to connect other devices, such as your lights and thermostat, and even be able to control them when you are away from home. This is a nice feature to have during the cold season and can help you save money if you can change the thermostat before you get home, so it is warm when you get home without running it at that temperature all day, running up your electric bill. 

Insurance Premiums

Some home insurance companies offer a discount if you have a professionally installed security system because it can detect things other than a home intrusion, such as fire, smoke, and water damage. 

The Disadvantages of Having a Security System

While there are no disadvantages to having security cameras installed, quite a few cons depend on your expectations. 


The whole point of having a security system is to be safe and protect yourself and your home from various dangerous situations. That said, it also means there is no privacy because everything is being recorded, which can make some people feel uneasy. 


The cost of security camera installation can rise depending on the quality of the system you choose. It can also depend on whether you are paying for the installation services. Most people see this as an expenditure they can’t go without, but others feel it isn’t worth it if it does not prevent anything from happening. 


Security cameras and systems are considered reactive and not preventive in the sense that they won’t necessarily stop anything from happening and that it is useful after the fact. People see this as a reason for not getting a system in place for their home because if it isn’t going to stop their house from being burglarized or in danger, then there isn’t a need for one. 

False Alarms 

False alarms can create doubt and a sense of anxiety when they go off. It can create doubt within your security system because the more false alarms you experience, the less alert you are when a real threat happens. On the other side of things, when your alarm goes off, it makes you panic, and when this happens, and it is nothing, it creates that doubt about when something dangerous is happening. 

Installation Issues

With any form of technology, there are bound to be connection issues or installation problems. This can be extremely frustrating when trying to install a new setup and paying for the installation. But, at the same time, a frivolous cost can save you in the long run from frustration and future cost from repairs if improperly installed.  

What Kind of Security Camera Do You Need?

Depending on the security level you are looking for, you may not need a big budget to protect your home. But first, you must figure out what you want in a security system. Some questions to help you decide what you need are: Do you want more protection? How much money do you want to spend? Should you do self-monitoring or go with professional monitoring? What levels of security are you looking for? Now more specifically, what features are you looking to have in your security system? 

Outdoor Cameras 

Outdoor cameras are important for watching the perimeters of your property, and they can be more costly than indoor cameras because most outdoor cameras are not weather-affected. 

Indoor Cameras 

Indoor cameras are beneficial if you have areas in your home that need more protection, such as an office that has a safe in it with valuables. In addition, indoor cameras are a great option for people with a lower budget because they don’t need to be as indestructible as outdoor cameras. 

Video doorbell cameras 

Video doorbell cameras are very popular now because of their easy setup and functionality. They are convenient for monitoring who is coming in and out of your home and accessing it through your phone when you are away from home. 

Security camera installation is a big decision when deciding the right way to protect yourself and your home. First, you must find out what you hope to gain from your security system and how much you want to put into it. It’s always a good idea to reach out if you need help installing your cameras to avoid potentially breaking your system before it’s even been installed.